One Of Us Is Not Like The Other


The game I have chosen to create was based on the anime Another I liked how the anime showed that not everyone present may actually be there. So I decided to try and create something similar to that theme. How the game works is that out of all the players that are playing one of them is a “ghost”. From there humans and ghosts has a different end game in order to win.


I had created a layout of what the game would look and it is quite similar to Abyss only I added a few more extra features to the game to make it more interesting. As I played multiple scenarios in my game and a few trial and error practices I realized that I had actually made it to clutter and it became clear that I might have over complicated the game. So back to square one.

This them I had a though back on what I did wrong. Firstly I inserted too many events and characters that could potential missed up the whole game. Secondly I might have made the ghost in the game have too much advantage against the ghost. Finally from a simple game in my head I had made it too complex by trying to turn it into a board game (too soon I guess)

So this time I’m trying to make the game closer to a card game. The game I have made is similar to Once Upon A Time . Each player will get 7 cards but out of all the players one of the cards will be a “cursed” card meaning he or she is the one that cannot win. Each player will also receive a supernatural creature by its side which has an ability that can only be used once in the game. The 7 cards contains objects, location, characters, aspects and action cards. The purpose of the game is to allow the players to think creatively of a story with the hand they have received. However words with similar meaning to other cards can be intercepted. Which in that case allows the next person to continue their story.

They must finish their story with their end creature and once that has been completed. I noticed that some people might not be aware with what kind of creature they have so I have also added a quick description of their character allowing the player to create a base for its story. The creatures they receive also has a unique ability that can be a game changer however it can only be used once.

After each interruption players have to take one card from the person to their left as it allows the curse card to constantly be moving. The loop of the game is to finish your story and don’t get the curse and have fun denying people their story. I am still trying to figure out some smaller problems of the game but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it

4 thoughts on “One Of Us Is Not Like The Other

  1. The concept of using “Once Upon a Time” for a card game is really interesting. I feel like an apt description for your game would be a roleplaying card game, which sounds plain exciting! Definitely something I would play! The thing I like most about this game concept is the cursed card in that it presents a clear way for players to lose, but I think it also gives the game a layer of tension. The idea of adding creatures that the player controls for the entirety of the game, waiting to use their special ability to screw everyone over, is exciting! Cutthroat elements like that make games very stimulating!


  2. I think your idea is very interesting, and I like how you mix up anime and TV series together and make it into a card game. By looking at the mechanic of the game, first I really like the idea of each card contain a set of objective, location etc. However, I keep thinking ‘well, this is basically a game of murder mystery’. So I guess you might want to make sure you’ll be able to add in some more feature or changing up a little bit to make people not have this thought. But overall I think this game will be awesome!


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