It took me a while to really decide what kind of game I wanted to create for DIGC this semester, and i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it throughout the holidays. During the long break, I decided I wanted to create a type of card game that requires an engaging and attentive participants, as I found these types of games particularly entertaining. I drew influences from multiple games throughout the holidays (with the lack of university work) including; Cards Against Humanity, SpyFall, Bohnanza and SuperFight. I also found a great Youtube Channel that uploads a type of “Let’s Play” with all sorts of games that I found pretty relevant!

So here’s my game: Survive

The idea of the game is for the main player to think his/her way out of a situation and survive whatever event is thrown their way by the “Devil’s Advocate(s)”, overcoming their…

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  1. Hey Jake! I love this idea, especially the role of “Devil’s Advocate”– it’s pretty funny. I’m not really experienced with card games and the rules usually go right over my head and I get totally lost, but these rules are simple enough for a simpleton like me to get and have fun with. You can take this in so many cool directions, maybe even like an online game to play with mysterious strangers online like Pretend You’re Xyzzy ( I’m also curious to know what the Events, Strengths, and Weaknesses are going to be. Something apocalyptic themed like The Walking Dead or more modern like “Event! You’ve been invited to a party but you just want to watch Daredevil instead!”?


  2. In terms of game design this game is really clever. There is not much to the game which means that it opens the game up to a wider audience. I think the more devils advocates there are playing the harder the game would be. I think the idea of the wild card is a nice touch is parties cannot agree on whether or not the player survives. Looking forward to playing a beta version of this game.


  3. Hey Jake, I really like the simplicity of the set up of your game. It makes it much easier to understand and follow the rules. The only thing that I would be concerned about would be that if everyone rotates one turn than I would think whoever is The Judge would always say they couldn’t survive so the player wouldn’t get the point. However, I think this leads to another problem, which is that no one is going to want to just sit there and watch others play the game and just decide the winner without participating. Still a great concept and would love to play the final product.


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