Working Title: Gladiator Game. Who Would Buy This?

The genre of my game, I feel, is an area that is explored heavily and done in many styles and fashions. So selling it in an already saturated market will be incredibly difficult, and unlikely to be a commercial success. Marketing, on my budget, will not exist except for word of mouth and social media, if I decide I want to make my game public and open to play for everyone. In a scenario in which I did, I would create a Twitter account for the game, as a way to answer inquiries and troubleshooting. I would put the game up onto Steam Greenlight, and advertise the page on my Facebook, Twitter and then the games Twitter account, as a way to promote the game.

The production cost in this game will only be in time, which I cannot measure how long it will take at this time. An estimation for total completion for me to add all the features I would like and the creation of the art, and additionally learning all these skills, would clock 200+ hours easily. To build a working prototype, with basic moving characters and filler art, I think can be accomplished in 2o+ hours, or casually in a week or fortnight, depending on the difficulty and hitches run into.

If I was to distribute this game, as mentioned, I would start at Steam Greenlight, and then move to sites like GameJolt and GoG, and see whether they accept the game to be downloaded. As for a cost, I would use a donation system, as I think if people want to pay nothing and try the game, then they deserve the chance to do so. The potential audience is gamers, I feel like I am not limiting the experience to a certain type of gamer specifically, and that many types of gamers would be able to enjoy this game, due to the simplistic nature.

Of course, this is all if I release it, otherwise the potential audience is people I know and anyone who inquires.

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