‘Sporting Board Game’ becomes Sports Support

After my introductory post about my Sporting Board Game I have now developed the ideas of my board game further. I have first come up with a name for my board game instead of just ‘sporting board game’. The game will be called ‘Sport Support’ which hopefully attracts a few more players into wanting to play. I am still basing the game around the Monopoly board, Football Manager style of play and The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac player cards.


Board – Monopoly style board with background picture of a sporting pitch. There are seven tiles on each side of the board. Six of them are ‘pre-game’ tiles and the final one appearing on each corner is a ‘game day’ tile.

Cards – Each card will feature a different injured sports star. They will all belong to different sports (e.g. AFL, Soccer, Rugby) with different injuries. Also featured on the card: age, strengths, weaknesses, years playing for club

Dice – Two normal die are required

I am still discussing what rules and how the game will flow. At the moment I am tossing up whether to implement different decks of cards for different ‘pre-game’ tiles but have not decided.

The advantage of designing a board game is that the production value is relatively small when compared with creating a digital game. The board can simply be made from cardboard with a printed background. The cards can also be cardboard cut to size with information printed on them. They can then be laminated to withstand usage finally dice are fairly cheap to buy. The disadvantage of creating a board game however is that to create all the aspect of the game it will be very time consuming.

Whilst creating a board game is easier for me than creating an online game my means of distribution are hindered due to a lack of marketing and advertising. I do not have a marketing budget therefore the game will have to rely on word of mouth advertising and free social media posts. I am currently researching into websites where you can promote or even sell your game for free. Due to a lack of marketing the game needs to look appealing. The box which the game comes in must look aesthetic so I am currently working on a design for that. In regards to my target audience and who the game is aimed at I want it to be a family friendly game that both parents and children can play therefore I have given it an age rating of 10+.

Hopefully the games starts to come together better when I have worked out the set of rules which each player must follow and what obstacles will be present in each turn (creating more cards..yay). If you have any ideas feel to comment below!


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  1. I like the idea of a sport board game, something fairly original. Will the game be focused on management of the players’ team/injuries before “game day” or will it be to win “game day”? Or is there a different objective? You talked about players picking up several cards before “game day. I think it would be interesting for players to collect a team throughout the pre-game tiles and then playing against each other to win a game, which might be decided through a different card being drawn, might it be soccer, or AFL, or rugby, and perhaps whoever has the best ratings for whatever game is chosen wins a point.
    Just chucking random ideas at you haha
    Good luck!


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