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[NOTE: This blog post is an edited version of Children’s Digital Culture]

Children’s gaming is a fast-paced and growing industry that aims to do more than just entertain. Educational games are created to help children build necessary skills beyond the classroom environment. While there are many that argue that these games are harmful to education there are those that believe this technology is allowing children to develop and learn more than ever before.

My aim for the DIGC310 assignment is to create a pitch for a digital educational game, which aims to teach children about health and nutrition. I have chosen to create a pitch rather than an actual digital game, as I don’t think I have to skills to do so. However, I hope to incorporate visual aspects of the game such as videos or images into the presentation.

This assignment will be complemented by the research project…

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  1. I’m big on using games to learn, I remember using Mathletics in high school and as a kid I played a game called Mathblaster. Even in primary school my parents bought me and my sister games that prepared us for science and math in high school. I think that health should be focused on more as we grow up so that we know how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and it can be surprising to find how many young people don’t know about the food they eat, maybe this article will give you some ideas on your game:

    Also, I’m not sure which one you were planning on using, but Nutrition Australia have changed the food pyramid from what it was a few years ago. Originally, grains were on the bottom but now they’ve changed that to fruit and vegetables:

    I’m excited to see what you come up with, a digital game about health seems appropriate as many children can use technology better than their parents. Also, with tablets in popular use, I think it would be beneficial to choose it as the platform for your game.


  2. I think that it is really awesome that you are going out of the box to do an educational game. I played so many when I was younger because I had trouble concentrating and learning key things. I loved that you have also researched your topic and got all your points down because the first thing I thought was with all the commotion these days parents won’t be reluctant to buy them. That’s when you come in and explain.

    If you keep up the work I think the game will be interesting and would be very good to get into schools and even day care centres if wanting to push further. Unless you are looking into it becoming an app which I believe would fit the topic well too.

    Maybe draw up a plan and have some ideas of what you want your game to look like or the puzzles/ programs the children could play with.


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