A New Hope Pt 2

So I thought because of the pitch I need to reveal a bit more about my main character and game story because you guys are dying to know. I love my secrets but I cannot hide them forever especially how I have gone so far into the story development.

“I really have to know, does the robotic eye add any special ability to our hero?”

“Would the robotic eye do something similar, or could it be an attack, like a laser or the like?”

Marcus Gordon suffered a blow to the face while serving his time within the American Special Forces back in 2075. Due to an explosion of a grenade thrown in battle towards Marcus and Scott, Marcus saved Scott’s life but risked himself leaving his left eye destroyed. Due to the advancement of technology and medical science the Doctors implanted a robotic eye into his skull with a metal surface to cover up his half blown face.

Now to the games side of the story. Marcus tragic story that leaved him with a robot eye does give him the capability to see like that of eagle vision or x-ray vision. The vision detects nearby enemies as the senses within his brain have increased to give him more depth to his surroundings. Not only does this go for his eye but his ear as it had been replaced by a radar. Though the gameplay needs to be still decided in either first person or third person as the player has the capability to choose.

“Will this game be in the open world realm or would the story be more linear, with no side quests/stories?”

“I was wondering if possibly the player could play as all five of the ‘small team of five sent to look for the Earth’s New Hope’, with each character having a different set of abilities or playstyle?”

The game is featured as an open world but will have both side and main quest stories as you have the option to either explore, look for your fellow comrades or find the materials to fix the space ship to travel back home. You will have the ability to use the other characters which I believe should be unlocked after the first play through because each character holds a different class with different abilities of their own. I will not reveal much more to the beginning of the story until my pitch though…. Shhhh.

“Will they come across hostilities?”

“Will it be a puzzle based game where problems need to be solved?”

The hostile within the game are featured upon the planet that they land on. Marcus Gordon finds a creature upon the planet that seems helpless and defenceless with gown like robes and human skin. The creature seems like it is of human descent with a little glow within the sun. Do not be fooled as it is not what it seems… hehehee.

I do want there to be the first person shooter sense however I do want to show some puzzles from such games as like Dead Space for little here and there parts.


Further Development/Progress:
Finding an artist has been much harder than I had expected with most either dropping off on me or just being too expensive. To my weird surprise after crying within my own misery of not finding someone my boyfriend went over to me and drew me a picture of what my character would look like and I loved it! (below) I am also looking into making some landscape work and music for my game recently it is just taking more time due to my perfectionist ways.


Thank you to all your comments and likes, I really am quite happy with all the feedback I have gotten and taken it all in! I have added the commentators down below for their awesome questions. And again please give me your opinion and feedback while I give you some comments as well!






  1. Hey Elly!

    Your character Marcus Gordon is sounding absolutely awesome! His back story is so cool! A veteran warrior surviving a blow that should be considered fatal turns cyborg to survive! I think having his eye allowing him to see heat signatures and his ear as a radar is quite inventive!

    I can’t wait to hear more about how Marcus’s eye will interact with the open world around him! Will it have limited use dictated by periods of time? Will enemy outlines be displayed through walls and such? Will it have weapon capabilities at all?

    The enemies your team will encounter too sound intriguing. Do they look like humans but morph into something else? Are they an advanced form of human? Do they have supernatural abilities or advanced technologies that function like supernatural abilities e.g. a ring that lets the wearer use psychokinesis or create barriers?

    Also, please don’t work yourself up over the design elements of your game. Just take it at your own pace and get things done one at a time. 🙂

    Hang in there, and well done!

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  2. Hi again Elly,

    I like that there will be some first person shooter elements in your game, meaning that the game is full of tension and action, fitting the awesome backstory you have constructed, as well as some puzzle solving. I know that you only want the puzzles to be a side thing and not the main ‘crux’ of the game, but I am reminded of the Zelda series, especially Ocarina of Time, with the combination of action and combat and some brain teasing puzzles.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfg6RfClZJg) This trailer highlights the action, and doesn’t really mention the puzzles, but you get the idea.

    I’m also thinking, would his companions have special body parts (like his eye) because of the advanced technology from the doctor, or this this a main character exclusive?

    Have you thought about what the world around them will look like? Eg, dark and gloomy, or metallic and futuristic?

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  3. Hey! I really love how in depth your story is, it’s really great to see this amount of detail going into it. Your character kind of reminds me of Commander Shepard meets Geralt of Rivia meets The Phantom of the Opera and I am all about it. I can understand your frustrations with the design; my imagination has gotten away with me with my own game and I’m finding it hard to not get carried away with expectations. But this is awesome, first person shooters and puzzles are really addictive and really pull you into games and their stories–The Bioshock series comes to mind. I love the development of the game and story and I can’t wait to hear more about it! 🙂


    1. I’m liking the puzzle idea, but I want to know if you’re going to puzzles like Bioshocks hack puzzles where they bring up a separate screen, or have puzzles where the player has to interact with the world like moving blocks or something like that onto a pressure pad to open a door or have a pressure pad that opens a door for like 10 seconds after the player steps onto it before it closes again. Or have a combination of the two, puzzles always make shooter games more fun to play. Just some food for thought when you get to the puzzle section.

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