Back to the drawing board: just can’t get enough (brainstorming)


My original game was going to be based on the comic book series iZombie, starring our wonderful zombie heroine Gwen as she atones and cleans up messes the dead has left behind. Great idea for a comic, a little too adventurous for an absolute Dummy like me. So back to the drawing board my team (which consists of my boyfriend and best friends patiently listening to me ramble on about terrible ideas) and I went. Several weeks, half a break down and many hours of Bubble Witch 2 later, by Jove, I think she’s got it. A wonderful peer suggested expanding the iZombie universe, creating my own character and story within the context. This could make licensing easier to obtain and possibly not get me sued. Which is ideal. I read up on the comics and came up with an idea based around one of the main protagonist: Xitalu, a Lovecraftian God. From here, my NEW and IMPROVED game, Xitalu Attacks! was born.

Xitalu, or, Me Before My Morning Coffee 


Xitalu Attacks! will be a casual tile-matching puzzle game. It will be available on mobile devices (IOS, Android) and geared towards a casual-gaming audience of all ages. Inspired by games like Peggle, Bubble Witch Saga, (pleasedon’tsue King), and Puzzle Bobble, the aim of the game is to shoot brains at Xitalu and his evil minions and save the planet.

Like this but not as many cute witches with their familiars. 

To add to the challenge, the enemies will be protected by a number of coloured bubbles. To pass the level, the player must clear the bubbles by matching three or more bubbles of the same colour using the randomly generated coloured brains. Clear the bubbles, and Xitalu and co. fall to their fiery deaths! Of course, special powers can be unlocked as the player progresses through the game– or for the impatient gamer, for a small fee of $1.49 and your soul.

Unlock more lives with 100 BILLION DOLLARS

At first, the game will be easy, with few bubbles and passive enemies. As the game progresses, the enemies will become more aggressive, like eating brains that get in their way. Instead of a timer or a set number of brains, there is a Doom Level: each brain shot slightly increases the level (like the game Snood). Once the Doom Level is full, Xitalu creeps closer to earth. The level is lost once Xitalu reaches the ground. Strategy is used to pass the level using the least amount of brains possible.


I’ve never made a game before, but I’m interested in learning game development. As such, I’m going to “attempt”” to make as much of the game as I can. Researching programs has brought me to RPG Maker, which I bought, realised the program I had wasn’t compatible on Mac, cried, tried to get a refund, failed, and slowly began to accept my complete lack of ability to manage my money. But I digress. Mostly I’ll be trying to use RPG Maker and Unreal Engine, bringing the cost of development to around AUD$70– recommendations on other programs would be much appreciated as well.

As the game is a mobile game, marketing would largely consist of just getting the game into the market place. Google Play requires you to sign up as a developer to sell the game to Android users. Similarly, to get a game on the Apple App store requires you to sign up as an App developer and submit your game for approval.

What money I would save on marketing would have to go towards licensing. iZombie is owned by DC Comics, which in turn is owned by Warner Bros. Further research is needed, but early research shows that an application to use the images, characters, etc. needs to be submitted to Warner Bros. At the moment I’m not sure of the cost involved, but I assume it includes giving them my first-born.


6 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board: just can’t get enough (brainstorming)

  1. Hey
    Sounds like you have a decent idea for an entertaining game. I like the sound of having a doom level as it places extra pressure on the player to think about their actions, something too few games do.
    Unreal Engine is pretty great and fairly user-friendly with the huge amount of youtube tutorials.
    Some other game design programs that might be worth looking that I know of are:


  2. Considering you are going to actually attempt to create this game, look heavily into licensing and copyright. What are you copying and what aren’t you? Who will be your artist? Am i stealing anything? And most important, do you obtain all the correct licenses you need in order to use certain programs and sell certain products.
    The game sounds fairly interesting however it also sounds a lot like all those addictive games you see people playing on. If thats your purpose, to create a semi-pointless addictive game, then go for it, otherwise maybe try and dig a little deeper. Convey another message. Even just add a small twist that other games might lack.
    Basically try not to just blend into the crowd, be a little different. I would love to see your attempts at making the game. I admire you for jumping into such a new experience. Good luck!


  3. I think its awesome that you had a little committee to help you decide on your game ideas! I think you inspired me to talk to more people about the mechanics of the board game I am making and get their opinions on it. I appreciate that you’ve decided to change your game and go with a different direction, thats part of this process of game design. Xitalu Attacks sounds like a game I would play, I’m not much of a gamer but this sounds like something everyone can enjoy! I like that the game develops and changes as you go through the levels! I unfortunately no nothing about designing app based games, so i cant give you any suggestions for programs to make the game! Hope it all goes well, excited to see it develop!


    1. Thank Alec! I really recommend floating ideas with friends and family, they can help you see things and make suggestions you didn’t even think of before. Good luck with your game!


  4. Well Done, yours is the only blog post to really put a smile on my face, this game idea is fantastic! The Lovecraftian concept is spot on and I can already see myself shooting brains all over the place. Have you considered adding some minigames? They might add the depth that Jess is talking about above. Putting in some different styles of these puzzles according to other Mythos from the same comic or Lovecraft could really take it to the next level. Kudos! 🙂


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