One Of Us Is Not Like The Other (Part 2)

If you have not read my first post here is a link to it
From my last post I have manage to make some progress with my card designs. These are a few of them.

Location Swamp.jpgSiren.jpgObject Candle.jpg

The art style I am trying to aim for is a dark and mysteries style. The reason being is because this game has already one layer of suspense (which is trying to get the curse card). I want the cards to have that feeling as well, to help set the atmosphere of the game. The creatures I have used for this game are a mix of different mythology. Each creature is unique allowing me to add new twist towards the game. Also having provided a small description on the character to the players allows a sense of curiosity for them to find out more on what they really are. I tried finding just one artist but there were too many variables in the design I wanted. So I went on DeviantArt and took most of the deigns there which I well give them credit for. Most of the designs comes from EclipseOfMidnight, because I love the symbols he makes and it gives a nice colour vibe to the cards.

The style on how the game works, I adopted it from games like Superfight, Once Upon A Time, Dixit, and Magic:The Gathering. From games like Superfight and Once Upon A Time, they introduce how the players itself created a story around the cards they had and that keeps people interested. Each story can vary from one person to another and from my experience it can get pretty intense. Dixit help gave me the idea for the curse card.
How Dixit works is that the storyteller has to mention a short description of their card. The rest would have to try and match that description and place a card similar to that. Everyone else besides the storyteller has to vote on the card they think is the storyteller’s description (here is a let’s play video of Dixit It is kind of a bluff which then made me think of the curse card. Players would have to try and bluff other players to take it of their hand. The deny aspect of the game came from Magic: The Gathering, as I remember it was the blue deck that denies people with their spells. Adding that to the game allows more emotions to be tested throughout the game.

The people I am targeting this game to are those around 12+. Reason is because they have to be quick in their thinking of coming up with a story and some of the cards can be a little dark. So no spooking of young people here. The cost to print these cards I’m still not too sure. Currently I am just printing it out on a harder piece of paper but I’m still adjusting it. Stay tune for the next update!

Card Sleve.jpg

5 thoughts on “One Of Us Is Not Like The Other (Part 2)

  1. My first concern is your art. Now firstly, its gorgeous and I think the cards look amazing. I am concerned though, is it copyright free? Do these artists know you are using their art? If so, then great! Im glad you found artists who can contribute such an atmosphere to your game. I really think the cards look fantastic.
    I like how you are taking from many different games but be sure to properly put all those concepts together. There is a reason not all great concepts are smushed into one game. So be sure it makes sense, analyse it properly and really test it out before you release it. It could be great or it could not be, i’ sure you can make it great if you try.
    Im keen to see your next update.

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  2. I’m also making a fantasy style card game, and your focus on art style, I think, is a great idea. I mention in my post that a unique art style is the key to successfully attracting consumers and marketing your product. After seeing some examples of what your cards will look like I can safely say my interest is piqued.
    If you can successfully differentiate your game from other card games in the market it will have huge potential. Good luck and I’m excited to see more.


  3. The card designs are looking great! As Jessica noted though it’s important to look into art ownership and all that fun copyright stuff, even in a closed uni project setting. Discussing art and licensing costs with artists would form a good part of your process and dossier by the end given how important they are for your overall atmosphere.

    I like your storytelling aspect, you just have to balance that with the complexity of the game to ensure the players can be creative and develop the narrative instead of being wrapped up in trying to get the hang of the game. Promising start with a cool style, keen to see how it develops!


  4. My board game is also card based, I really do like your style, so good work. Although what I gather from your last post is, surprisingly different than this one, especially when you mentioned Magic: The Gathering, I sort of lost my track because the play style are so different than other games such as superfight. I think what you can do is, to work on the rules and lay out all the features and see if there’s any conflict between them. I look forward to your updates.


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