The Battlefield

Bohnanza Card Game
Bohnanza Card Game


I love playing and talking about anything involving strategic thinking. Therefore, it only seemed natural that I would come up with a card game, while simple, still required a large amount of strategy. Recently, I had played a game called Bohnanza, which involved a lot of strategic thinking to get the most coins out of your bean farms. This was hugely influential to me when trying to work out the mechanics of my game.

The game is between two players and involves having 88 cards, each with different point values, which are shuffled and handed out leaving 22 cards in both players’ deck. Both players also draw one out of 12 Lieutenant Cards (which are separate from the 88 cards previously handed out) which can be used only once in the game.

You draw 10 cards from the 22 you originally started with in the order that they were given to you from the top. Also, you may re-draw two cards (most likely those of weaker or less strategic value). However, you may not re-draw the Lieutenant Card. The game is best out of three so unless otherwise stated (such as a Lieutenant card) these 10 cards are what you will use over the three rounds. You will not get 10 fresh cards at the beginning of each round. This is where the strategy begins.

The layout of the playing area is spread out in three distinct areas:
– Front lines
– Tanks
– Aerial

Cards can only be put in a specific area of the field which is shown with a symbol on each card that matches the corresponding symbol on the playing board. You are not limited by the minimum or maximum of how many cards you can put down in each turn. You are able to pass whenever you want but if you do, you cannot put anymore cards down and your opponent can continue placing cards until they pass as well, therefore, ending the round.

The win solution for the game is pretty simple. You are not trying to win individual rows but you have to win two out of the three rounds with an overall higher score than your opponent.

I will continue to think of different things I could add to the game and what kind of special abilities that I would add to the Lieutenant Cards to add an extra layer of strategy to the game. Also I want to think about what the best way to track both players’ score.

One thought on “The Battlefield

  1. I feel like until I play Bohnanza I wont quite understand the mechanics of your game, however this seems like a really well planned and thought out idea! I don’t quite understand how your game works, so I can’t wait to hear your present about it or even get to play it!


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