Changing Games: the Progression

So after my last post, and the comments giving suggestions, I believe I’ve narrowed it down to two options. (The thread about the custom DotA 2 board game on boardgamegeek was sadly very unhelpful)

I either go with the idea of claiming territory and slowly progressing through the map, or this idea from Keidan:

“Perhaps the best way to progress the game is a turn-based system where one can choose to do one kind of action per turn; farm, go to the shop, kill baron, jungle, gank, fight someone?”

While my very first idea was to make it similar to DnD, I didn’t want to borrow too heavily from one game, regardless of how well it fit what I was trying to do. If I make it into a turn-based game as suggested, and then leave the DnD style dice rolls purely for combat, I’d be happy with that.

I do agree that while RNG does play a role, minor as it may be in DotA (unless you’re playing Phantom Assassin), turning the entire game over to a purely RNG based dice game just doesn’t sit well.


I like the idea of choosing what move your character should make, in the board game, as it emanates the actual game far better than just throwing a dice and moving down a lane, and allows some strategy into it. The game would have gold currency by necessity, and a player can choose from a number of options each turn,  like farming a camp, or defending a tower etc etc. (note to self: how do creeps work in this version of the game? Progress slowly down lanes each turn? Not sure yet, will have to think on it further)

I’m thinking that the board would need to have circular markers where you can move your hero (one outside each creep camp, some at rune spots, one in roshan etc) and then you would be able to attempt to kill an enemy hero if the marker they were on is within a certain distance of your own. Maybe a dice roll by both heroes is required to determine the winner of the fight, with certain multipliers being applied to your roll depending on a number of factors, such as distance from closest ally (support in the fight) and your items. (I’ll revisit gold and items in the next post, going to have to limit the item slots to a smaller number, like 3, and adjust the attributes they give a hero to suit this board game style)

The next problem I’m seeing with this game, is that always having 10 players to participate in the game isn’t a very reliable idea, as you can’t matchmake from all over the country/world in a board game, unless it’s digital, but I’m going to stick to an actual physical game for my project, just to separate it from the original game. Going to have to consider the option of instead making it from 4-10 players. While there was a suggestion to limit it to 2 players so they would have total control of the board and their team, half the fun of DotA is not knowing if your team-mate is going to run down mid and feed at any given time. (I’m kidding, don’t do that please god)

Any further thoughts are greatly appreciated ~




2 thoughts on “Changing Games: the Progression

  1. I really like the second idea, given that each turn players have to make their own decision if they want to farm gold etc will be able to make this game more strategic and interesting. Although I am unsure about you battle idea, most hero in MOBA has their own abilities and base attributes, and I think it’d be awesome to give each hero a special skill they can use to give the game a little bit more freedom. Maybe some hero would be able to immobilize enemy, some can do a long range attack every 3 turns etc?


  2. Heroclix has a really good handle on co-op and competitive play. I hope this video explains what I can’t – I learned to play it at the tabletop spot in Oz Comic Con last year. (My best mate and I always go and learn a new game 😛 ).


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