Common Themes

As a graphic designer learning design theory, we must associate the visual aesthetic to a “name”, we then collate all this data and pigeonhole each design to its visual characteristics. The most common example is Minimalist – the visual traits it possesses are simple and effective design, which may not resonate with the audience at first but tend to grow on them, due to the abstract nature of its form.

It is these words, styles, characteristics, forms and descriptions to which I am most interested in. I follow certain trends and want to know what name is assigned to them – I want to research it, I want to collate the information and I want to store it.

I guess where I’m going with this is, I need to find a theme that resonates with a common genre or style and then research that style in order to see if it fits the bigger picture.

The Game:

It revolves around the idea of ‘Supply & Demand’ and ‘Cause & Effect’:

Supply and Demand relates to the current environment the players are in – a competitive environment, where the entire group must be able to compete on each others desire throughout the game.

Cause & Effect relates to the decision being made when playing a card – this may put you ahead of the pack,  or behind by the pack. The game evolves as each card is being played, and you must keep up with pace in order to play effectively.

Simply: the aim of the game is to use all your cards until you have none left – you must challenge your opponents, by following your intuition, observing the game like a hawk, and to always be prepared and willing to lose a round at anytime.

This constant tooing and froing, up and down, play for play, cause & effect really relates to a very common and fairly relatable theme of the ‘Stockbroker.’

Picture any of the following in your mind: Jordan Belfort – The Wolf Of Wall Street, Gordon Gekko – Greed Is Good,  The Packer Family, The Big Short, Fast Cars, Glass Offices, Personal Business Cards, you name it – the Stockbroker has a style and theme which generates a strong sense of “I’m good, I know it – and I want to tell you about it!” and on the other hand a really negative sense of “I f*cked up!”

I have collated a number of film snippets, and also researched advertisements which have this “narration” tone, and tends to result in a one on one conversation with the audience.

Trivago – Knows Everything Series


Robinhood Investing App


The Wolf Of Wall Street


The Big Short – Jenga & Jung


The common 1990s tropes,  sharp suits, confident attitude, rich kifestyle, money hungry and greedy, & “can sell ice to the Eskimos” attitude is how I want this game to come alive. In the coming posts I will begin showcasing my design work and see how well it resonates within this pigeonhole of the “Stockbroker” theme.

  • Dan

One comment

  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you mentioned you wanted to go in a different direction earlier!

    I’m not quite sure where you are heading, but the idea of following a game style where you are required to sell ice to eskimos could also be an interesting path to follow. Perhaps you could have a sales pitch style game, where the aim is to create a convincing pitch for a random product listed upon your card; perhaps have it Cards Against Humanity style, where they choose the person who has the product card gets to decide the winner. I do realise that is very different from the vague ideas displayed in this post, but just a thought I’d air.

    Alternatively, if you are following the stock market style game you mentioned earlier today, players could aim to create the most profitable company (perhaps your cards are debt?). I think an interesting design style for the cards if you follow this path is something similar to the way the Great Gatsby title sequence was made: Drawing upon art deco imagery, reflecting the roaring 20s, and showcasing luxury, wealth, and style; which I think is the way you wish each person to portray their character as. ( Not sure if this is super helpful, but it’s all just food for thought!


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