After I have been thinking a while, I decided to stick with my original idea. D.T.D Is multiplayer board games that only can be play 1 vs 1. It’s a dice based board game, and it has cards for power ups.

D.T.D Maps structure will be similar, as League of Legend or Dota Maps, The square shapes maps will perfectly fits in board games. But it also need few adjustment where I will creating a Grid Pathway, which each heroes can move anywhere as much as their dice result. Each Hero can only move Forward, Left, and Right, no looking back. It will be around 200 grids that your hero’s can explore. Each square grids columns has it own speciality and surprise. As I would say, It similar like Mario Party.





The main structure of D.T.D is each player begins with drawing five first cards onto their hand. Then each player placing his or her chosen heroes onto the line. Each player has to defend 3 lines, which each line has 2 towers to defend.The cards that they drawn are mixed up between Ability cards, Power up Cards, Helper Cards, Builder Cards, and Item Cards. It will be up to 100 cards on the decks, that can be used only once. There is 3 Main hero that each player can choose:


Dog of Nature

Dog of Thunder

Dog of Fire


Each Dog character has different ability and speciality, so far I have been thinking there will be 2 range dog and 1 melee dog. The winner is the one who destroyed the main tower on it enemy based.

D.T.D will be market out for PG+12 as it will be suitable for children with basic Math.The progress still way far from finished, rendering the visual map to actual body map are another problem as is not as easy as I thought. The game it self still need plenty of ability cards, helper card, and power ups cards. If my game finally finishes I believe it will market out easily. (hope)

After doing some research and back to the reading I realise I didn’t know much about game as I thought. I tend to feel my gaming experience were just stuck in consumer happiness, without even thinking to create or making for community like minded people, enjoying the same game. As Hutamo state since the early slot machine game been created with the idea of providing an experience that takes one away from their everyday troubles, but this early slot machine taking place were you place a coin and pull the lever. I assume the rest of it experience were odds, with only the person who placing the coin in the machine and pulling the lever. The rest of it experience was pre-created by it creators. The gaming or any kind of entertainment industries todays were more focused on it “players pleasure”. Which in my games I more attend to create a full experience.


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One thought on “DOGZ TOWER DEFENCE

  1. Such a solid idea Gerald. I love the dog aspect which is still sorely missing from board games. I think that will give it an appeal to younger audiences who’d prefer video games usually and would get them more interested in table top games. Looking forward to playing this one.


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