Lets go to hell

I was originally going to do a zombie game for this subject, but generic zombies are boring generic zombies and only a tiny bit boring. Did I mention boring? I’m now going to be doing a very offensive text based adventure where you can live to do glorious or terrible things or you can die in ridiculous and over the top ways that may be too graphic for TV.

The game is going to start at the end of the day in either school/uni or at an office job where things will start getting offensive, or not offensive, depends on the player, where you can choose to hi five someone on the way out or choose to flip them off, and yes this is going to be a generic “you choose the outcomes game”, where the more innocently you play, the more innocent and boring the game will be, and the more offensive you play, the more interesting the outcomes will be.

The next stage of the game will include your house being broken into, where you can then choose to immediately call the cops, bludgeon the intruder with a random object that you will get to go and find yourself in a set amount of time before the burglar finds you and then a fight sequence starts, where players may or may not get killed by the object they wanted to defend themselves with.

I’m not sure yet where I want to go with the aftermath of this particular level, as I need some more ideas to put into the game, as I’m still deciding how offensive I want this game to be, there might be something to do with world domination with some “interesting” objects, and I don’t how offensive I can get with this so this project is going to get interesting.

And no, Lets go to hell is probably not going to be the title of this game

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