My History in Another Dimensional World

G’day everyone I know I had to post this up earlier. I just been busy with the hassle of moving houses. Those things aren’t fun at all I assume some of you know the pain.Anyway back to the main ingredients of this Game culture. (which I’m missing out most of the time)

I been interested in any kind of game since I was a kid, everything back then were a game for me, from PC/ Console game to throwing your dirty clothes into a basket , walking on the line and a real life adventure. My interest in game started with windows 95 (way to old) such as super Mario, Tank war ( I don’t remember what they called), bomber man, and couple of puzzle memory game that I cant recall. Since then I have been playing a lot and lots different platform till I found one of my favorite game was Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario Bros. Since then I draw my interest in game going to another direction, I don’t really enjoyed the game as I used too anymore, instead I enjoying drawing their character to look more appealing to me.

“If I could found those kid drawings I would love too show it for you.”

Since then, my interest in Games were a little bit fading away, I start to enjoying Film and visualization in game industry, an open world decoration I would call. I start to enjoying Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventurous movies, as it giving me another imagination of the world we living now. (I know its not real world but still appealing) After finished high school I took a year and half off to explore another side of the world and making decision with what Im about to do. (still cant figure it out) I start liking more about post media production like an abstract film.

On my second year of University I decided to going on exchange up in Finland for a year. (real cold eh…) I was studying Media and Communication back in Wollongong Uni, up there I more focused on Film Production and sound design. Which expanded my knowledge even further in terms of how film set operates and the arts of making film and sound. Which I start at Pre-Production were script writing were the main ingredients, then actors and place for taking a raw shot, I was working with one National News Channel back then called “Yle”. (Pretty lucky). Inside the studio were we all have the shot and developing all the VFX which expand my knowledge on Digital effects or commonly known as Post production.

On my third year of Uni I decided to create a Narative abstractive film and “SOUND” for my Major project , It took me a while to work with super 8mm film, I start my experiment with 8mm film by coloring it, pinch it, cut it, any kind media involvement, I create the sound base on everyday living object and manipulating it with Ableton. Here’s the final of T.O.D and SOUNDS

Here’s link to the Video:.



Enough for my background, lets talk about my Game Design, My game will be called “DOGZ TOWERS”. It’s a board game about Dogz Tower Defends. I never played any kind of board game except Monopoly. The idea of this board game came up to me as I used to play Dota, In there each champion has to defend their fountain of life, so In my game it basically the same structure but we will play it with Card and Dice.

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