My week 4


For my text based adventure to hell, I’m still unsure how offensive I want to go with this game, as there will be the standard dick jokes and various other forms of immature jokes, kind of like cards against humanity, just crossed with a game like zork. So design ways it may not look all too spectacular, but some games with bad graphics are some of the best, yes I’m looking at you Pokemon Red and Blue. The video below may shed some light on how offensive I plan on getting.

Story wise for this game I’m torn whether or not to have an until dawn style of setting where you can alter the game every 5 minutes, or just have an event that will start mapping out where the story will take you, as each fork will start leading you in a different direction, which could include beating up a hooker for more blackjack money in Vegas or staging a hostile takeover of the united states with a certain sex toy. Spoilers alert that last scenario might be a final level, or the point in the game, I’m not sure if I want to include an immature reign as the United States President yet, as beating him to death with a giant dildo would be a pretty good ending.

For the fight scenarios I hope to include in this game will go along the lines of a Final Fantasy or Pokemon fight scenario where players can type “attack”, “heal” or “run”. The weapon that the player will use will be the first in their inventory until the item is depleted, and then the next item in line will take its place. If the attack or heal options are selected the player will either do a random amount of damage or heal a random amount of health, both options will do no more than 5 attack or healing.

The boring stuff:

For this game I am probably going to use Twine to build the game, as Twine looks to be an easy to use text game maker, and is also free, so productions costs for this game should be minimal, if there are any at all, and my distribution method will probably at this stage be a download from the internet  My intended audience for this game is definitely 18+, as its going to involve truckloads of swearing (I hope that’s ok) and more not safe for work scenarios. If people get offended easily I wouldn’t recommend playing this game as it may leave some mental scarring.

3 thoughts on “My week 4

  1. So I like your idea of having a game which alters as you play. I’m not sure if this will be super useful, but I play a game called King Mao, where the whole game exists to ‘learn’ the rules as you play. If you follow the rules correctly, the only hint you can give players before starting is “The only rule I can tell you is this:”. There is of course a Chairman who knows the rules for the game and keeps track of who is following them etc, but at the end of each round, the winner is allowed to create a new rule to add into the chaos (Yep, just when you thought you knew how to play, it changes!). Since you are looking at creating something in a digital space, perhaps the option to add in certain cards, or choose certain scenarios for the game to head can be up to the winner of each round, leading the game into a new direction.


  2. the more offensive the better, Australian’s love crude humour! this sounds like a great game idea. With your debacle I like the idea of an alteration every 5 minutes that could be cool and differrent. Also never heard of Twine but it looks like a really cool option for producing the game. Overall this sounds like a hilarious game and I would definitely play it


  3. Great idea for a game that I suspect will attract a lot of attention, both interest of those like me and the interest of those easily offended, to which I commend for your bravery! These kind of games seem to come into popularity with niche groups, and those who have a beverage at the time of consuming the game. Perhaps this is something you could factor into the game. I’m suggesting this with the assumption it’ll be a rated game for certain age groups, specifically those old enough to drink? I’m not sure what legal obligations would come with this, just a fun suggestion to increase the market of card games! Another suggestion, using cards against humanity as the example again, is possible expansions? Cards against humanity just add extra scenarios ( etc.with theirs however your game offers object, character and action mechanics that could be extended with additional packs? I look forward to a lets play of this in the future!


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