Part 2

Playing Cards

After putting more thought into some of the mechanics of the game I went to work out what the special abilities that the Lieutenant Cards would hold and I came up with these:

  1. Doubles the strength of your Front Lines cards
  2. Doubles the strength of your Tank Platoon cards
  3. Doubles the strength of your Aerial cards
  4. Draw a card from your opponent’s discarded cards pile
  5. Draw an extra card
  6. Restore one of your discarded cards back into your hand
  7. Look at three cards from your opponents hand (chosen by the opponent)
  8. Remove the highest value card (if multiple exist of the same score they will all be removed)
  9. Swap with a card on the battlefield and return it to your deck (this takes away from your score)
  10. Reduce the strength of your Front Lines cards to one point each
  11. Reduce the strength of your Tank Platoon cards to one point each
  12. Reduce the strength of your Aerial cards to one point each

I also have put more thought into how each card will be designed and making sure the design of the card has a consistent look as well as making sure that each actual character design is unique. I haven’t decided if I would name each of the special cards but considering each of the other 88 cards would be named it seems logical that the other 12 would follow suit.

When it comes to tracking the scores I think the easiest way would be the classic pen and paper. It makes it simple and easy to follow on top of everything else happening during the game.

I’ve also researched different sites to find the cheapest place to buy blank playing cards. As each game would have to be more expensive than what I purchased the cards for to turn a profit, I doubt people would buy a game for $50+ so that is where a problem occurs that I’m not quite sure how to solve.

2 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. Hi Kristian, I really like how you add in special ability cards in the game and make it more strategic. However what you might want to do is actually print the game out in the cheapest way possible, maybe black and white in a4? And actually play it for once to ensure these cards will not make the game lose its balance. But overall I do think it is definitely a good idea, all it needs is to be tested,


  2. Hey Kristian, starting with your ideas for special abilities, I think this is a great addition. Your game is relatively simple, so implementing Lieutenant cards seems like the perfect way to add some variety and up the competition. The ability to draw a card of your opponents is especially interesting. A scenario where you can beat your opponent with his own card seems like a very satisfying game mechanic.
    As for production costs, I too am working on a card game and this does seem to be the biggest obstacle. I think the fact your game works with only 100 cards is a huge help. I’d be interested to hear how you solve this issue. Keep it up.


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