Changing up my game

After presenting my game pitch to the class last week I have come across a few flaws in my game. The first was that the board was too linear, after going ahead anyway and creating my game I play tested it for the first time. The game needed work. Too much work. After the realisation that the game was beyond fixing I went back to the drawing board.

After researching popular soccer board games I realised all the successful board games revolve around playing the actual game of soccer. After looking at Soccer Tactics World, Subbuteo and Footmania, three of the most popular soccer board game I decided to combine the three to make a two person board game which simulates playing soccer.

I will be adapting a board similar to the one used in Soccer Tactics World. It will be a 16 x 8 square board. There will be 11 players on the field on each side.


The game will also include three dice. Two standard 6 sided dice to perform moves and one special dice that decides whether you score a goal, win a corner or the ball has gone out for a goal kick.

To win the game you must follow traditional soccer rules. At the beginning of the game both players decided on how long each half will be and the person with the most goals scored at the end of two halves will win.


– Each player rolls one dice and the player with the highest score kicks off.


– Team must start in a 1-4-4-2 formation.

– Keeper must be place in the goalkeeper box to start inside the 6 yard box

– 4 defenders are placed just outside of the 18 yard box (the second bigger box)

– 4 midfields are to be place two rows in front of the defenders

– 2 strikers of the attacking team are to be placed in the middle of the circle in their half. The 2 defending strikers are to be placed outside of the circle in the defenders half (must respect a one square area around the ball).


– Roll the dice and get a number

– Move the ball the number which is shown on the dice

– Ball can move straight or diagonally. The ball however can only change direction ONCE.

– Ball can move over any pawn on any team.

– After the ball has stopped you may roll again to retrieve the ball.

– Pawns can move straight or diagonally and can only change directions once same as the ball.

– Pawns cannot move through opposition pawns


– Once the attacker has rolled the dice twice; once for the ball and once to try and retrieve the ball it’s the defences turn.

– Defence rolls the dice to try and attack the ball or contest the attacker on the ball.

– If there are two players on the ball they must contest for it.

– The remaining rules are still undecided.


Fouls and Scoring;

Still undecided at the moment


These are the rules which I have adapted and created so far. I will be creating a board and players to form a play test at the end of this week which will allow for other rules to be created and the game to be tweaked.

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