The Pitch


How much do you want to surf but you’re not confident in your co-ordination and the thought of all that sand everywhere makes you cringe. Then you need to try the ‘King of the Beach’ card game. Reverse-engineering the process of surfing from a fluid entity to a stagnant and at times frustrating experience, ‘King of the Beach’ is a two player game where, participants directly face-off against one-another. Players take it in turns to strategically use the cards at their disposal to eliminate their opponents Steaze-Points (Style-with-ease points) and claim the title of ‘King of the Beach’.


Gameplay Arena:

Gameplay takes place on the ‘King of the Beach’ Shred Board. The gameplay arena features (mirrored for each player) Wave-zone (five (5) possible game play moves per player)(centre), a designated spot for each player’s deck (left) and the Boneyard (discard pile)(right). Any of the cards in a player’s hand can be played the Wave-zone unless a particular card instructs otherwise.
Card Types:

-All cards, when played to the Wave-zone can be either played face up or down.

Based on the world of surfing, the ‘King of the Beach’ Surfers cards are the focal point of the game. Acting as the ‘monsters’, the ‘fighters’, the ‘workers’ the Surfer cards are based on real-world recognised ‘professional’ surfers. Each card is given a ranking and a power level, depending on their real-world data. Surfer cards are placed in the Wave-zone to initiate ‘attacks’ between players (Note: rank and power level could be subject to change if an integrated digital interface was created between the game and what data could be acquired regarding the surfers real world performance)

Based on real-world surfing manoeuvres, these cards feature surfing vernacular and jargon to describe the different moves surfers can perform on or above waves. The Manoeuvre cards are used as additional power sources for the Surfers cards to provide the card with the necessary requirements to ‘attack’ and ‘wipeout’ an opponent’s card. (FLOATER +10, AIR-REVERSE +70, ROUND-HOUSE CUTBACK +40) *Ranked according to degree of difficulty.

The Location cards subject gameplay to change throughout the match. Depending on location, Surfer and Manoeuvre cards can be subject to change, which is indicated through symbols on the card. Also indicated through additional symbols on the cards, the location can be further subjected to change when Swell and Wind cards come into play. (i.e. PIPLINE, BELLS BEACH, TEAUPO’O)

Playing a Wind card can affect gameplay thoroughly depending on speed and direction. The influence the card has on the game and corresponding cards in play is clearly indicated on each accordingly.

The introduction of a Swell card is conditional in accordance with the Location and Wind cards already in play. Along with this Swell cards can have an affect on the ability of Surfer and Manoeuver cards. The influence of Swell cards is clearly indicated on each accordingly.

These are rare cards and are generally unusual to see in gameplay, therefore their influence is far greater than that of the other general cards of the game. The cards include; the Shark card (clears line-up, all cards are sent to respective Boneyards), Fog card (you get a peak at your opponents hand), Seaweed card (slows opponents paddling speed down – decreases all opponents Surfers power-levels by half, for that turn), Snake card (changes priority in the line-up; grants holder an additional turn).

-Lay out ‘King of the Beach’ Shred Board.
-Shuffle individual deck.
-Place deck in designated zone on Shred Board.
-‘Rock Off!’ (scissors, paper, rock to decide who goes first).
-Draw six (6) cards.
-Begin! with 2,000 Steaze-Points (life points system of scoring).
-Players can have a maximum of five (5) moves per turn including; placing any of the cards from their hand either on the Shred Board in the Boneyard (discard pile). Cards can be placed either face up or down according to individual game strategy. Card can only be flipped face up in the turn after they were placed in the Wave-Zone
-Throughout the game use your cards from your own deck (such as: Surfer, Manoeuvre, Wind, Swell, Spot (Location) and Marine) at your disposal to eliminate your opponents Steaze-Points.
-The game ends when a player’s Steaze-Points are reduced to zero (0) and their opponent is crowned King of the Beach!

-No time-limit
-Players take it in turns to play the cards from their hand to either strategically set-up turns or directly ‘attack’ their opponent to reduce their Steaze-Points.
-A player’s attack can come at any time throughout their turn, able to use all five (5) moves to attack if they please.
-To draw a card from your deck or place one from your hand to the Boneyard is considered a move each time you do this within your turn.
-A player can hold a maximum of six (6) cards.
-Each player can have a maximum of seven (7) cards in play on the Shred Board at any give time. (five (5) either; Surfer, Location, Wind, Swell, Marine cards and two (2) Manoeuvres cards)
-When attacking the difference between Surfer power levels (including Manoeuvre card add power level) is the amount subtracted from the defending opponent’s Steaze-Points.
Manoeuvre cards add addition power to a Surfer card according to the description on the card (i.e. FLOATER +10, RE-ENTRY +25)
-The location is subject to change throughout gameplay with the use of Spot cards, which can work to the player’s advantage/disadvantage depending on Surfer and Manoeuvre cards in play (indicated through symbols on individual cards).
-Taking the form of dynamic or ‘trap-like’ cards the Swell, Wind and Marine cards can be played at anytime throughout the game (considered one (1) move) as a mean of changing the conditions of the game. Individual cards indicate their feature and effect on the game.

Strategical Advantage:

Before playing the game it would be wise to familiarise yourself with elements of surf culture and the colloquialism/jargon/’lingo’ that revolves around the world of surf. Doing this has opportunities to provide you with an enhanced understanding of the functions of each card.


*Note: Idea, incorporate real-world statistics from the world of surfing (mainly, WSL – World Surf League data) to create an element of change in the game, through using real-world rankings, injuries, contest results etc. when they happen/change.
Possible digital interactivity between Surfer cards and the Shred Board (game board). Connected to Internet? Surfer card rankings and power levels therefore become interchangeable determined by their performance in real life.
Your Thoughts??



  1. This idea is so good dude! While obviously targeted at surfers the game is interesting enough to appeal to a much wider market. The mechanics are all extremely well thought out, and all have a specific role within the game which will make for interesting game play.
    The digital aspect of the game would definitely add another element and a certain realism to your game.
    However, due to the style of the mechanics in this game, I would personally like to see the characters represented in surf-punk art style, like the image at the start of your blog. Two interesting surf-punk characters battling it out would be mad I think!


  2. This is such a great idea! I really admire your creativity and originality, I certainly haven’t come across anything similar for a card game and I bet you would have a great ready-made target market in the surfing culture. It does sound very intricate, will you be marketing purely to surfers or is it going to be accessible to anybody?

    I know absolutely nothing about surfing but I think, art wise, a style like this could really fit what you’re going for perhaps as a promotional tool you could create a hashtag for Social Media, encouraging those interested and involved in the scene to submit their favourite surfing cartoons that could inspire the way the cards are eventually drawn up? This would help to generate viral interest too, hopefully.
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see it develop.


  3. Hi,

    I enjoy that you have turned a great passion of yours into a card game! Your blog post is very engaging. However, I was disappointed in your pitch that you were only (for the time being) including male surfers as character cards. I personally associate surfing as a very mix gendered sport, this is because a girl that was in my year grade at school, Tyler Wright, is currently number 2 in the world (!!

    To avoid issues around jargon and specific surfing terms, you could include in your game pack a card/ instructional paper that gives brief definitions and information on surfing culture. By doing this you are not limiting your audience to just avid/ keen surfers, my sister would absolutely die to play this game! I am interested to play your game and to see if I feel like I am ‘surfing.’ It will be great to see in the end how you represent the surfing world. Gonzalo Frasca explains representation in depth in his article, ‘Stimulation versus Representation (

    Hang ten?


  4. I can’t remember if I mentioned it to you directly, but I love the art style you are looking to pursue for this game. It punk surf style is a really awesome aesthetic; and really solidifies your surfer theme.

    Your pitch sounds super developed, which is an awesome sign. I think you explained the ideas of each card really well and clearly address the game and what each card does to effect it. I think drawing upon the popular examples of other games which are similar in the class pitch (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon) worked really well at illustrating how the game play will work out.

    It would be awesome to see some mockups of the cards you have so that we can get some perspective on how you intend to lay out your card information. At the moment there seems to be quite a few different elements you are balancing across the cards. Between card type, dynamic/trap elements, and power levels, you already have a pretty complex system, and considering the effects of the card on the Steaze-points can change depending on the dynamic/trap elements, it makes it difficult to envision. If you need someone to run off card mockup ideas off between now and final submission, feel free to tweet me with some pics @orangesarepinkk


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