Boxer Debriefs!

So in the last 2 weeks I have been heavily focusing my DIGC time on sorting out the group project we have to present in weeks 9-11.

Keiden, Tom, Riley, Emily and I decided to become a group and do the classic unboxing videos, however we are making it a bit more complicated!

We decided to do a triple threat.. A podcast, a youtube video and a blog post, each week.

So basically every week we will play a different board game that we have unboxed. We will record our session and edit the footage down to about 4-6 minutes of basically highlights. Making this video as fun and entertaining as possible is our goal.

After playing, we go to the radio recording rooms and record a podcast, ranging from about 15-40 minutes of discussion between the group members, reflecting on the game. In this part of the project we go a lot deeper into the mechanics, design, rules, gameplay etc of the game and analyse it a lot more. We try and include as many DIGC concepts as we can in our discussions.

Then we put it all on a blog post that has a small contextual piece of about 200 words that simply summarises our experience with the game and our experience with filming/recording that week.

So far we have 2 videos, 2 blog posts and 1 podcast, so please feel free to follow us and check out our stuff!! And keep tuned every week.

Youtube –

Blog post –




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