C’mon UOW, Lets Drone Race!

T H I N K Sam

I’m going to introduce this post in relation to the current problems that arise when I say we can’t race drones around the University of Wollongong, or even Australia for that matter and argue some points that I’ve found interesting. It’s to do with current aerospace legislation that has accumulated such negative connotations and speculations with FPV drones that it has put them into the same category as all aircraft in our airspace.

“The chief danger that unmanned aircraft pose to manned aircraft is accidental collision.”

Strategies to avoid this is introducing different altitude limits for both the aircraft’s, which the only risk then with UAVs is the collision within one another, in which case there wouldn’t be any loss of life because they’re not carrying any pilots. Low-altitude restrictions for drones and UAVs however raise privacy issues between the public. If they’re low enough for regulation then the cameras fixed…

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  1. Hey Sam,

    I am interested as to whether UOW would accept a ‘freestyle’ drone society race on campus. I did a quick search to see if there are any current Australian University drone societies, this led me to Deakin University in Melbourne (http://www.dusa.org.au/clubs-sport/clubs/deakin-university-drone-club). There isn’t much information here about their society but it is nice to know that there are other people with similar interests and ideas. If the society was up and running there could be the potential to race Deakin, GO UOW! Have you thought about the amount of e-waste that will be created from your game idea? This is an article written by Chris that explores the idea of e-waste in digital gaming (http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/article/viewArticle/166). A possibly solution to people crashing drones and improving the safety of a race could be holding a compulsory ‘pre-game session,’ whereby students/ interested individuals have to fly their drone for a specific amount of time etc. to qualify for a race? Just an idea.

    Keep up the great work.

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