FPV Racing UOW

T H I N K Sam

Alright, You want to race? Let’s race.


  • How do you start?

Each competitor, depending on the race type, will start in a stationary position on the ground behind the starting line. A timer or buzzer will then start the race. Each competitor will be situated in the pilot area and won’t leave until the race is safe/complete to do so.


  • What happens during play
  • Play participation (fly between designated zones)

Each pilot will aim to fly as fast and successfully as they can through the course. A designated area is specified and the idea is that each lap will either be counted down or time will be taken. The aim is to have the least amount of crashes and the quickest time by the end of the race.


  • How do you win lose?

Either the winner will be the first person out of the race, or…

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5 thoughts on “FPV Racing UOW

  1. It seems like you have put a lot of thought into this. I like the idea of targeting the race to beginners as I think it will encourage more people to participate. This article, http://www.pcworld.com/article/2997557/consumer-electronics/first-person-view-drone-racing-five-essential-tips-for-beginning-pilots.html offers five essential tips for beginning pilots. You could consider giving participants a ‘pre-race’ package which gives them some information on what to expect, things to prepare for, etc. to make the experience perhaps less intimidating and it might help the race run smoothly too.

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  2. FPV Racing is something I’m really interested ever since I read your first post on the topic – I even had a look at the cost of building my own little racer. I’m glad you laid out a series of rules that are easy to follow and ensure the safety of all that are involved, especially since that has been a big emphasis on why CASA believes the sport is unsafe. As technology evolves, it will be interesting to see how this sport moves forward and see just how fast these robots can go. I especially like the drag race, it reminds me of playing Need for Speed when I was younger. Comparing it to F1, the benefit of FPV racing is that you have the potential to change the course with every tournament rather than having the same 21 circuits that you see with the F1.

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  3. Drones has really evolved since it was first released. At first drone were intended to be used for surveillance, photography, and journalism. Now it has evolve to things like racing. There are even World Drone Prix that are held in Dubai for this sport. Its good that you have set up a clear set of rules for participants and have some safety measures in mind. Since you are targeting beginners you can let them watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IphMBhkqn-k in advance. Its some simple tips for beginners to consider when flying their drones.

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  4. This project seems to be taking shape really nicely Sam. It is definitely a very engaging topic and I’m keen to see the races in action. Given the rapid development of drones as a technology, as well as their increasing popularity, the utility of them is ever expanding which is exemplified by your project. As Jess pointed out above, it is good to see the incorporation of safety steps into your project, as it seems that its a technology that is going to become quite regulated in the months or years to come. Might be interesting to check out the CASA regulations here: https://www.rpastraining.com.au/casr-101-uav-drone-legal-or-illegal

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  5. Hi Sam,

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and following your progress throughout the semester. Your game mechanics are definitely well developed but have you thought about the social utility of your game? After reading Xu et al’s (2011) Chores are Fun text I have a few ideas about the ‘chores’ of your game. First off chores are interactions arising from the bookkeeping activities required to maintain and update game state. There is a real potential for drone racing beginners to discuss tips, strategies and game tactics during the set up and pack down of your game. On another note, how are you going with developing the drone society? A network of people would help your idea grow really big and great. You might enjoy reading this article, http://qz.com/660282/drone-racing-just-became-a-mainstream-sport-thanks-to-espn/.

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