Unboxing Boxer Debriefs


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.21.33 AMFor the past two weeks, Tom, Riley, Keiden, Jess and myself have been working on our DIGC310 group assignment. For this task we are creating an unboxing series across multiple platforms. Each week we record ourselves playing a board game to create a short youtube video. We then reflect on the experience and delve further into the game in a podcast. Finally this information is collated in weekly blog posts.

While each week is a buildup of our overall digital artefact, it is also an opportunity for us to adapt and develop our skills and series as we are continuously reflecting and looking at what we can improve. We hope to show our work to the class this week to get some outside perspectives and ideas on where our project should go from here.

Feel free to check out our blog which includes our videos and podcasts.


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