Doorway Rulebook 2.0

It seems like everything is coming together with Doorways since I have all the loose ends tied up in terms of rules; this will be my final post describing any game mechanics and next time I will focus on real-life factors such as marketing, producing and the art design of the game. For now, these are a few of the rules that I haven’t revealed yet and will hopefully round out the game.

With the monsters, the cards will include a number in the top corner which is the lowest number a player can roll to defeat the enemy. The monster also dictates what type of loot the player receives and will be written on the card. For the lower level monsters, the players must roll the item die to determine what they will receive while the higher level monsters will provide more loot and will not necessarily be left to chance. You are also able to exchange loot at a 3:1 ratio to help you collect certain items that don’t appear very often. There is five types of loot; keys, gold, gems, daggers and helmets. Keys are the most common while daggers will always be required in a sabotage quest. Defeating monsters isn’t the only way to collect items, you can also steal them off another player when you sabotage them and if you land on an event card, there is a possibility of finding a treasure chest (similar to Zelda games).

I’ve finalized my characters in terms of their strength, weakness and superpower and I’ve used an online avatar face maker to create each characters look. I’m working on making makeshift character cards that provide all the information of their powers and also includes a small title that illustrates a small part of their personality. Here is the base look of two profiles right now, I’m still debating on whether to put a little description of each character at the bottom and I still need to add in the sabotage success rates:

Elias profileClara profile

My final two characters are Eric and Leanna who both an their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Eric’s strength is his higher chance at sabotage which explains his title, “The Mischievous”while his weakness is his tendency to drop loot (determined by a dice roll where 1, 3, 4 and 5 mean he loses a piece of loot). On the other hand, his superpower is his ability to swap out quests in each world by picking up two cards and choosing one out of the ones he holds. Leanna on the other hand can exchange items for a 2:1 ratio as her strength and her superpower is her immunity to sabotage which she can use in one world. However, when she is sabotaged, she also misses a turn so it is important to lie low and not make enemies between other players.

Looking forwards toward the final project dossier, I will try to create a rulebook which will include the back-story, rules and game mechanics. Using art from sites such as deviantart will show how I’d like the rulebook to look if the game went into production and will also test out my ability to successfully explain Doorways to others. The rulebook will include all four character profiles, a few examples of monster and quest cards as well as the type of loot players can collect.


  1. Hey Jess!

    It looks like everything is coming along well! I really like the idea of having character cards for quick reference in regards to their strengths and weaknesses! I am also glad to see that their strengths and weaknesses are balanced so that no character is too op or too weak, I was really worried about Clara, but she’ll be fine!

    I am interested in the loot cards though. Some of them are obvious in that you need keys for locked things and gold for scoring points possibly? Or purchasing daggers and helmets? If you could briefly go into the different loot items in your next post that would be great! Or I’m just an idiot and you’ve already talked about them in a previous blog and I’ve forgotten. If that is the case, I’M SORRY!

    Great post and great progress! Can’t wait to see the rule book!


  2. Hey Jess,

    First and foremost, those designs are awesome. I really like how you have personalised your game with a unique aesthetic design and “character”. I’m sure this will be a big factor in people being drawn to play your game when it is completed.

    I’m also heavily intrigued with the inclusion of strengths and weaknesses for each character. I think that would be really cool to see in action when playing the game, and how the dynamics of the game shift each time you play. Perhaps some characters may prosper in some games, but fail in another?

    I don’t have any major feedback to give you, but just as you’re preparing the dossier, perhaps do a bit of reading on “balance” for your game, and evidence that in your dossier (as strengths and weaknesses appear to be a large part of your game). I found an interesting article on balance that you might want to take a look at:

    Otherwise, very good work!


  3. I can see you have really put in a lot of time and effort into your game and the rule books seems very well thought through. The fact that you found an easy alternative to detailing your characters online is very good too and I wished I looked for that for mine. You have really gone in depth with description and targeted every key area of the game from each character, to their strengths and weaknesses to the dot. For the character build maybe look into the ways they build characters from: to add more areas that you might be interested to do. But again heaps great work, you have really done so well!


  4. I love the amount of thought you’ve put into the characters! They’re all diverse and I think it’s really important they have their own back story, fantastic work. The online avatar maker has also worked really well! Perhaps eventually you could look at getting some original art done, perhaps as limited edition, collector cards for people to collect all the different variations of their ‘favourite’ character, similar to comic book variant covers?

    Oh and I love the ‘sabotage success rates’ that each character has, this will certainly make the game a lot more fun and a little more cutthroat 😉


  5. Hey Jess,

    Your project is looking really good. I really like the different abilities each of your characters have and their strengths and weaknesses. I think this game will rely heavily on the dice roll which might be a good thing if Eric has too much loot. I also like the avatars each character has.

    The game looks like it will be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play test it.

    Liked by 1 person

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