Naming the game

I have tossed some name ideas for my board game for a while now, basically its about the struggle or parking at UOW, however a lot of people suggested I don’t specifically make it about UOW so that I can have a broader target audience or market.
Some name ideas I’ve had are
  • I Hate Parking
  • Daily Struggles of Parking at UOW
  • P1,P2,P….whatever the hell I can find…
  • Hunger Games AKA finding a car park
  • Do you wanna get in my car so we can get carpool?
  • Parking: hell on earth
  • Parking sucks.
I want the game to be funny, and not taken to seriously so that young university students can see that this game isn’t overly serious and more of a fun quick stupid game to play.
I interviewed and asks many people questions about the mechanics of my board game to see what they thought would and wouldn’t work. It helped me predict any issues I wasn’t aware of or didn’t foresee.
Things we discussed
  • A lot of people wanted to know how long the game took to complete
    • A few people suggested adding a timer to the game to make it feel like you were a student who had class in 10mins and you had to park and get to class in time.
    • Others said I should incorporate various timing elements to make it more realistic, and help consider things like the time it takes to walk to class, having to park on the other side of the botanical gardens and then walking through and then adding a smaller game board tile for the walking to class element of the game. As if once you’ve parked you then had to walk to class
Game Play
  • One of the biggest issues I had when decision making was where to put the “challenges” or “action pieces”
    • To use cards or put the challenges on the game tiles was something I constantly ran through with people
    • A few people thought using cards was a better option as It allowed for each game you played to be different and fresh. However I would argue FOR the game tiles having the challenges written on them
Risk and Reward is a large element of my board game, taking into account the consumers concerns I know that making this game enjoyable and exciting will be the nerves of rolling and having to land on a negative game piece where a Duck is on the road and they have to miss a turn. I was originally planning to have far more risk game pieces and less reward but I don’t want people to not enjoy the game because of how many risk pieces they land on. I found this difficult because keeping to the authenticity of actually parking at UOW is more negative than positive so finding positive reward spaces was rather difficult. So overall this week I mainly just asked a lot of people to help me resolve any issues about my game and also asked them to give me any tips or things they would enjoy about the board game.

One thought on “Naming the game

  1. Hello Alec,

    I always find it a challenge to find a name for a project or assignment I have completed. I’m currently trying to find one for my project for this subject. Out of the titles you have listed above I like “I Hate Parking” because even during the week that students had off it was still a pain to find a decent park.

    It’s good to see your are looking at other games for inspiration. As you never know where ideas will come from.


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