4 thoughts on “My history of playing Call of Duty

  1. A really good history of Call of Duty. Your audio syncs well with the video footage good work! Still figuring out what Bahu stands for but the insights into your semi professional gaming career and the details about friends enter the graphic design field through montages is really cool. Well done in presenting both research and personal experience I enjoyed the gameplay footage too


  2. Great video footage man! Call of Duty is a pretty big area for “making a gaming career”, as like you said in your presentation, so many big you-tubers made their first steps in COD. Great production value too, audio was great and the capture card was perfect! I’ve always had such big problems with capture cards 😥


  3. Nice format you’ve got set up here, and neat microphone quality too which is always a must. Bit off topic, but I think it’s really interesting with people becoming community and industry figures by streaming and making other content with shooters in particular because these games are constantly changing and you have to maintain solid skills in FPS basics to keep relevant and analytical as a content producer. Similar to eSports teams, you have to remain relevant by keeping your finger on the community’s pulse and practicing (although obviously to a more professional level). If you lapse a bit, like you did, while you can still play really well the gaming community has probably already moved itself on and your left in the dust. To that end, I really respect those who maintain audiences and play professionally.


  4. I wish I actually had played this game growing up, Call of Duty was the ONLY thing guys talked about in my Year 9 and 10 Graphics class, I constantly felt completely out of the loop as they talked about all the jargon found through the game. From someone that wasn’t at all a gamer, I can still say that it affected me in some way. It was a cultural phenomenon !! – Also its so cool James that you got to do this professionally and in competitions !


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