A New Hope Pt 3

Okay I had a major problem with my game that spilt into further problems. I found it terribly hard being that it was sci- fi and finding an RPG maker that was Sci- Fi.

Step 1: Look for a compatible program that fits the picture
I tried using a variety of similar programs that were FREE because money for University students does not come really that easily. I tried using a free program that is both given to Microsoft 10 and Xbox One users which is called Project Spark. Even though it was a free and easily adaptable game to create and build your own world you had to keep playing to grow your experience to unlock new features which began to piss me off. So I created my character but my map did not look too crash hot.


Step 1 Part 2: Look for something again
My boyfriend kept telling me to look into such building games as Sims and Gmod that we already had however I did not want to be a cheat in Gmod and Sims also seemed to only be good to make your character rather than the layout of the game. So back to the drawing board and went into Minecraft.


Minecraft is a great way to make and build your game from scratch which I wanted. Even the capability to capture mods to make it look sci – fi made it that little bit better however my next problem had to happen too soon and that was timing. So fitting 4 – 5 days a week work plus university and everything to deal with in my house got the better of me.  (However I will still continue to maybe build my minecraft world to show off)

Step 2: Just make something different instead of overcomplicating things
I decided because of how over the top I thought of my game that I just did not have the time or even the capability to grow with my game so I changed it. Due to my game being very story based I decided that maybe making a Dungeons and Dragons versions would be heaps sick. I would continue to build on my Trailer/Radio piece but also add in say a chapter of a story to capture the audience to really consume themselves in the experience.

So this was all my problems to do with the design aspect of the game.  Funny enough that it did push me back a hell of a lot. Because I did want this to be similar to a first person shooter or point and click game but that game now seems too out of my reach.


Part 1  and Part 2 are provide here.


  1. Sorry to see that your running into some troubles with your project, I feel exactly the same!!

    Going off your earlier posts, I really like the StarWars / Dead Space style narrative with FPS and RPG elements, so it’s a bummer its not working out. Have you considered just producing a project dossier instead of an actual playable game? I think it will enable you to spend more time in detailing the narrative of your game, which already seems to be quite strong.


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  2. Finding good game makers is always hard, they always limit you to their graphics and programming languages, and you’re always limited for distribution and actual gameplay. It’s essentially a software that lets you create games, and so you’re limited to what they’ve originally programmed into the software, so if you have a great idea for gameplay or for the map, you’re always going to be dissapointed :/
    Minecraft was a great solution though!
    That game is always getting updates, and you can already do so much in the world builders!

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  3. Oh man, I feel your pain so much. I’ve run into almost identical issues, and it’s so frustrating! It’s really unfortunate that some of your earlier ideas didn’t work out, because they were really cool. Project Spark sounds interesting, I’ve never heard of that one before and using Minecraft is something I would have never thought of, so props to you!
    I’ve gone through about maybe 6? Game design programs in the past few months and they’re probably really useful for people with experience, but they just made me cry. I got close to understanding Unity, but no cigar. What I did find was this program called GameSalad, you get a free trial for 5 days (however it’s been 3 days for me and it still says I have 5 days left so suck it, The System), and after watching a few youtube videos and playing around the basics are pretty easy to master! There’s no coding and it’s all very visual which is perfect for my STEM-illiterate brain.
    May the force be with you 😛

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  4. Hey Elly,

    It absolutely sucks when you have an idea really well thought out, only for it to be spoiled by a lack of viable programs to develop it on. I’m familiar with Project Spark and had very similar issues with how limiting it can be. For a game that boasts about creative freedom, they for some reason set you back by forcing you to play and unlock as you go. It seems really counter-intuitive. Another problem with using things like Gmod/MC/Spark is that it seems to limit you to using their art style, so it can stop you from being able to make your game look and feel the way you envisioned.
    Even though it’s not what you originally planned, I think making a DnD version is a brilliant idea. Now you’ll have the freedom to explore your story and style without the boundaries of those programs.
    Keep up the good work!

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