Post Pitch Post about my card game.

After my pitch of my game I got a lot of really helpful feedback on how my game would be improved and what people gravitated towards and what they were hesitant about. What I noticed is that people really loved the idea of the game being played against two people while also adding in the element of a second challenge which is the time limit of the game. This would add to the competition of the game and give a greater challenge to the players. People were really comparing it to games such as Magic and Hearthstone but this was in no means a negative as being similar to great games like those while also being different means that the concept that I want to take will hopefully interest fans of the game while also maybe bringing people in to the genre who might have been turned off of those games or found the to be too difficult or too hard to understand as some of those games have a large learning curve.

Making a game that is simple for players to understand and to pick up and play was another reason people said my game would benefit at as overly complicated games tend to lose appeal or interest if the player cannot understand the mechanics. My game would be easy to understand but also not be too simple for people to grasp and find it childish in which some games fall into. Games such as Call of Duty where their gameplay system is extremely easy to understand but also give the players a large variety of challenge is where I want to take my game as it caters to casual players and also to a hardcore audience.

The limitations of my game is that once I give the game a genre of the cards, such as fantasy or military, it is hard to break out of that genre. Games like Magic stay to a genre like fantasy and ever so slightly branch out into other genres as that would lead to a set of cards that don’t fit in aesthetically and would seem out of place. Another limitation of my game is that the manufacturing of my game will be extremely hard to do on such short time so what I might have to do is create a better version of the cards for final submission that will represent the cards that I would hope to create and have them be a good representation of the final product. The materials would not be as good and the art souls not be as perfect as I wanted it to be.


Another aspect of this would be the manufacturing of the physical clock that would be a key part of the game. A way around this would be just to get the players to use the built in clocks on their phone as that is technology that most people would have access too while being able to cut down on production costs and parts needed to be shipped with the game, reducing the price for the consumer.

3 thoughts on “Post Pitch Post about my card game.

  1. Hey James,

    I’m liking the sound of the project so far. Your mention of committing to a genre as a limitation is a great point. I’m going for a something similar, a board/card game, and mine is strictly based on historical fantasy. I completely understand how it can limit creativity when trying to making a variety of interesting characters. On the other hand, you just need to make sure this decision doesn’t prevent your game from having a recognisable style, one people can immediately associate with your game. Keep up the good work I’m keen to see how it turns out.


  2. I feel like the issue of a genre limitation is one that can be cleverly avoided if you really want to branch out. Solutions like having creative versions of modern day soldiers styled in a fantasy way spring to mind, but as the lore is yours you could easily pull a timeclash style crossover – making the game’s style a crazy mash up of different styles. As for the clock, why not pitch an app to be available free alongside the game? It’s an easy way to see numbers of people interested in the game and may even net you a little advertising money! Good work though, best of luck finishing it off!


  3. Sticking to a theme may not necessarily a bad thing, as it is good to have direction or a theme to keep players interested in the game. Something too broad can cause players to be distracted and confused, which makes them lose interest. Although, that said, I agree that pigeon-holing the project into a certain theme is also not a good idea and can limit the project if you wish to add parts later on. Maybe just keep building mechanics until something sticks out and roll with it.


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