Survive: Results + Expansions

Between the game-testing and now, i’ve added a few new things into the game. Despite the thoughts I had about removing ‘The Judge’ role from the game and opening it up to anyone that isn’t the Survivor or the Devil’s Advocate, I’ve decided to keep the role as is, because I found through more game testing that it was less intuitive to have multiple people decide the outcome of the game, especially when they disagree with each other. Playing through the game without the Judge role, made the game a lot longer, and when people held their ground about a particular outcome, it caused more arguments between themselves, and essentially ruining the fun of the game.

I’ve had a lot of problems with the graphical design, with a lack of creativity and time being the main problems. I was originally thinking of doing some basic back-arts for all the decks, which…

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  1. Hey Jake, I’m really liking where you’re going with Survive. Your first point about deciding whether to keep the judge was an interesting one. In my opinion you should absolutely keep it. Some people may argue that having scenarios with endless possible outcomes may lead to a judge exploiting their power to increase their chances of winning. But I don’t think you should sacrifice a core feature of the game simply because some people may not use them correctly. The freedom to argue your cases to an impartial judge is an incredibly fun and simple mechanic if people play the game properly.
    In regards to graphical design, I’m far from an expert on aesthetically pleasing designs. But I think the fact that your game so heavily encourages imagination and interesting perspectives, means you can get away with having a relatively simple card design.
    I hope some of this makes sense! I’m excited to see how it goes.


  2. Hey Jake im all about that “hella povo” design! If you intend on actually creating the game then you could maybe chuck in on kick starer to raise some money if needed. I think the idea of the expansion pack is really good and adds an extra layer to your game mechanics. Excited to see the final design and play the final product


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