Week 10 final blog post.

After some play testing of my game with a couple friends I have come to realise that the way that the game is structured, it would be easier for the players and to have similar cards and to limit the power on each card to a smaller amount so that one player wont always have an advantage in the game. I want my game to be more strategic and decision based as opposed to a game where whoever has the better cards will win by proxy. My game is more about having a strategy that will always be adapting and and flowing throughout the game and is limited to the constraints of time. Another reason as to why I have chosen to lower the levels of the cards is that because it is such as fast game mode I want the turns to always have something happen and have the players constantly putting cards down and with having cards that are so high, players would just wait to place that card and be unstoppable.

Another aspect of the game could be improved from play testing was the introduction of ‘Time Cards’ in which if placed, it would allow the player to pause the timer for a period of time that is specified on the time. This would add an extra layer of competition as it would give the player an advantage that isn’t a power based one, but a mental advantage of being able to think about your next move for a while longer.

I have been doing some research on how card games are played by watching YouTube gameplay videos of Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone as well as forums to see how long each game is played and trying to find a time limit that would work well for the players to feel pressured but not too leisurely where the time limit becomes irrelevant. Magic games can last from 5-45 mins approx. and around 75 turns, with larger games that can span up to days, while Hearthstone games can be around the same at an average of 12 mins if the players know what they are doing. These numbers will always vary of course.

One of the hardest parts about this game to create is being able to make the cards interesting enough while still making them fit the theme. Along with this just the creation of the cards was the hardest aspect of this project was just making the cards, I was going to purchase blank game cards but because I left purchasing them too late i would not be able to get them in time. Because of this I have had to just create the cards on paper and just have the names and the description as it would be too time consuming, showing that time management is key in this.

For the final submission I will try and get the cards to the best I can but the characters will be shown whether or no they are on the cards.

3 thoughts on “Week 10 final blog post.

  1. I love the amount of strategy you are utilising in the game. Creating a fresh and exciting card game can be difficult but I’m positive this will be lit! Good luck with the Dossier and I’m keen to se the final product of the game!!


  2. I’m liking your approach to making a game that is fast paced and based on strategy rather than luck (probably because my luck kinda sucks). It is difficult to dream up rules and mechanics that are fun, strategic and relatively simple to learn, but it looks like you have figured out how to do this, so well done! No small feat, I’m sure!

    It’s a shame that you won’t have time to really concentrate on the art for the cards, but it was wise to invest your time in the mechanics and development of your game instead, because, if you think about it, people will much prefer to play a game that is fun, than a game that has beautiful art but isn’t well thought out.

    I am wondering how long a typical round of this game would take. Is it a 10-15 minute game, or more of a quick 5 minute hand, where in a play session, you would play a lot of rounds in a row?
    I am also wondering how many players can play? Is it up to 4, or more like 6?

    Good work in tackling the problem of fast paced strategy, because I feel that the games industry needs more games like this, so I look forward to seeing it in action 🙂


  3. I totally agree with your point about changing the mechanics of the cards to encourage strategy and effective decision making over simply owning the more powerful cards. That was the philosophy behind my game too and I strongly believe that it plays a big part in the longevity of a game and the variability of the outcomes. I imagine it would also lead to much more satisfaction if you are able to beat your friends by outsmarting them too! I hope I’ll get a chance to play test this with you in the next week or two!


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