Once Upon A Time (Part 4)

If you have not read my previous post here are the link to it https://digitalgamecultures.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/one-of-us-is-not-like-the-other/

Chracter Sleve.jpg

Play testing, play testing and more play testing. It is really the only way to test out the game and really see what’s up with it. I had finalized my designs and went about printing it. However the full print was not to my liking. Simply because the alignment was off and that killed me!

I did not make the print go to waste. I still used it for the play test and had a really good feedback not only about the game but from the designs as well. A few weeks back, having another bunch of awesome people help test it. One of them pointed it out that because of the design of the cards it was actually a little hard to see the descriptions below. This is because when you hold your cards together it causes it to overlap making it really hard see the titles below. One of the players even change her style of holding cards because it made it easier to see the description.

She suggested that I made a block at the top of the card and decrease the opacity of it. Thankfully she used Photoshop and showed me how to actually do it and helped a lot! Now the words are clearer and you can now hold it the standard way.

Another player also commented about how some of the design of the cards were confusing. Example was the waiter card. Instead of a normal waiter it had a face of a cat. Then I explained the reason why I did that is so it can make other players question the card more hopefully triggering one of their own cards. As if the player who played it out took the picture literally he can say it’s a talking cat. Among the deck there is card which is a talking cat. This allows other players to interrupt if they have the card. Also cards like this shows no gender. In which case if someone ask and the player said it is male that will trigger another card. This being pointed out showed me that I had to refine my rules a little better and make it clearer.
Finally I was working on the rule book of my game. I took inspiration from the Abyss rule book as I believe that they really manage to lay it out in a simple and easy way to read. With visuals and examples for players to better understand how the game works.




During the class I will ask a few people to read the rule book I had made and see if they think it is easy to read. This is the sample of what I had made. Hopefully it all turns out well. Overall I had adjusted the design of the game and after play testing it. The design of it helped the game play of the game.

Card Sleve.jpg

One thought on “Once Upon A Time (Part 4)

    It looks so much better for holding and reading now, so 10/10, would criticise again if I always got these results.

    I really like your rules mockup, it’s very clear and works to be super concise. Perhaps emphasise the fact that the curse card is not a playable card as well, which will solidify the fact that you can’t finish with the curse card. You also haven’t mentioned anything about swapping cards in your rules, which is a MAJOR aspect in your game that should be outlined from the get go. Perhaps having a visual description of events; ie
    >P1 tells stor
    >P3 interupts
    >P3 takes card from P2 or P4 and that player then takes from the next member of the circle until P3 has had a card taken. More detail? – assume P2 for this example; P2 takes card from P1; P1 takes card from P3.
    >P3 continues this story

    Since you want to get rid of the curse card, I think this is a really important thing to highlight.


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