Post-Pitch Update – Clash of Cards

The pitch stage is a big moment for any idea. It’s an important one too – opening your thoughts to other people’s critiques can be as scary as it is useful. After presenting my plan for a cyberpunk MOBA card game hybrid I’ve come out with a few changes, and a few new ideas to explore to get my game running.

Aside from pitch-centric ideas, further investigation into Hearthstone and the discovery of Clash Royale have helped me with some new ideas to streamline play and factor into the iterations of my game. Hopefully my recent addiction to Supercell’s money-printing app will not be in vain!


In both my presentations and blog comments the idea of this game being digital were raised, and it’s a very tempting path to go down. Not printing the game on physical cards or having to worry about shipping can bring the cost down significantly. It also allows the use of a touch interface and app store platforms to get eyes on the game, helping market the product a lot better than through more conventional, brick and mortar methods. I quite like the idea because it means playing with others is much more straightforward, always on your phone, and with a good art team it could really be brought to life.

I still enjoy the challenge of my original idea, to transfer a digital phenomenon to a rewarding physical experience, so it’s a tough decision. My current solution to this is to leave that up to the final weeks and project dossier. The game should work the same and play well regardless of whether you’re holding a physical cards or a tablet in your hands. It allows a lot but complicates it equally, having to propose a plethora of new costs in development that don’t exist with a printed card game.

My second major issue was the differentiation of creeps and heroes, and how they interact. After consideration I’ve settled on a simple cast of six heroes (three per side) with a passive and active ability. A mana system seems to translate well into turn based games, allowing a variety of actions to play out in any turn, and the two basic types of minions will cost a set cost to play. Hero abilities will cost too, such as a sniper activating a hero power for ‘X’ mana which allows you to kill one unit on the map. This will all be subject to balance and tweaking once playtesting has been done, but it seems to have solved some of the early hurdles I faced in the game’s development.

From here on out nailing down the mechanics that make the game engaging and getting playtests is the priority. That’ll come to inform how the final project pans out in dossier stage.

One thought on “Post-Pitch Update – Clash of Cards

  1. I’ve gotta say Jayden that your individual game is one that I look forward to seeing come to life. One thing I noticed that is missing in your game that is used extensively in MOBAs is the item pool! I’m not sure if you perhaps mentioned it in a previous post, but items are just as important as the hero’s abilities themselves, and I feel provide a whole avenue which could make your game even more unique compared to other TCG’s. Although I respect the path of physical card, I wonder if a digital format might not simply be easier for not just production costs, but for player base too.


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