I found a Car Park!

And here comes the end of my blogging series for DIGC310. Honestly I never ever saw myself designing or creating a board game or even doing a subject that was about gaming in general. My whole life I have never quite been a gamer, I owned and played a PS2 as a child and then in my early teens I played some Halo 3 here and there, but after I turned 16 gaming was something I did maybe a few times a year. It’s just not me, luckily for me I do enjoy a good board game so choosing this path for my final project made this topic and class a little better for someone who couldn’t understand why everyone was using all this cool gaming terminology all semester. 

The board game has been quite enjoyable to test on people, I’ve found that mainly people that attend UOW find this game entertaining and funny but people that don’t quite get a lot of the inside jokes find the game fun, but don’t quite get it if you know what I mean. The game overall has the potential to grow in many area’s and could even reach out to other university students if the games could be personalised depending on what uni you attended and so on. I could even decide one day to make expansions to just general issues with parking. The game could potentially be used as a political statement to the transport authorities if there were issues with parking on a larger or more impacting scale. The game design was simple, not overly aesthetic, although with more time and more qualified graphic designers it could become better looking. The game simply is fun to play, and doesn’t go for too long so it’s a nice short ice breaker game for people to play potentially when they’re starting off at uni or starting a new class etc.

Overall the experience of making a board game has been a unique experience, I never thought I would find myself researching game mechanics and game culture. A highlight from the course would be the Let’s Play of ‘Bonanza’ that we did as our group project. I being the only one in the group that hadn’t played the game acted in the video as the rookie that asked a lot of questions to help those watching figure out how the game worked while I too was figuring out the rules and mechanics of the game. Something that I learnt about games is that board games and card games will never die out because although there are online games that can replace anything from ‘Snap’ to ‘Monopoly’ theres something different about playing a board game in a group setting, or pulling out a deck of cards and teaching a bunch of people a game that only you know the rules to. 


  1. This game will be amazing! I can’t wait to see the final version! And looking forward to play-test also! Would you ever consider doing Expansion Packs for the game? Having students build on the game, basing it on unique experiences? Could add another amazing dimensions to this game and could take it to that next level! What do you think?


  2. I have to agree with Daniel, the game will be amazing. It would be nice to see expansion packs (maybe you can use different car parks from around the world or even in Australia). A similar example to the expansion packs could be the Train Conductor series by The Voxel Agents who are an Indie game developer based in Melbourne, their latest adaptation lets you build train tracks around Europe to collect coins. That could be turned into a board game as I have found that it’s similar to some of the games I have played in class, Takenoko comes to mind, where players have to build the area then get the panda to eat the most bamboo, this could relate to having students build on the game via unique experiences.


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