Overview and final dossier of Haunted Dreams.

So its about that time that I should really explain properly what my game proposal is in depth.

As most of you know, the game is called Haunted Dreams. In the game there is a 20 year old male living on his own in an apartment, getting disturbed by something. Well… getting disturbed by you! You play as the “disturbance”. And basically your end goal is to find out who you are, and do something about it.

The game consists of 7 nights; one week. Every night, your player bcomes active. You have from 11pm-6am to roam around the house, interact with objects and do your best to find clues as to who you are. You will have a “clue bar” which goes higher everytime you find a clue. Some clues are worth more than others. When your clue bar is full, it means you have found enough clues to know who you are. The nights gets progressively harder, however not drastically. If you fail to find out who you are by the end of the 7 nights, you “lose” the game or in other words, you get to experience one of the few endings.

After every night, there will be a cut scene of your homeowner going through the security cameras he has set up. Depending on what you do each night, the home owner will have different reactions to the footage, such as making his security tighter (if you were very disturbing), setting traps or if you manage to be as un-disturbing as possible, even letting his guard down and allowing access to new areas (where better clues may be).

When the game loads, an opening screen will appear saying this:

“Welcome to your Haunted Dreams. Be ready to experience something you surely havent before.. and keep your mind open. To obtain the best experience out of this game, play it during the night, with dim lights and headphones in. Immerse yourself into an experience that will have even your dreams scared to fall asleep.”

I want to make this experience as real and immersive as possible without including VR equipment, and so I believe encouraging them to play in a more immersive environment will assist in getting the full experience.

If you would like to see the house layout, go to this blog post. I discuss the whole layout and have pictures to view.


  • You have 7 nights. Each night goes for a minute per hour which means you have 7 minutes per night.
  • There are 30 clues in the game. 10 of them are hidden.
  • The hidden clues can be accessed through unlocking other clues and/or unlocking new areas.
  • When your home owner wakes up, he starts a scare bar.
  • If your home owners scare bar reaches full, the night is over.
  • To move forward, use the W key or the up arrow. To move side to side use the A and D keys, or the left and right arrows. To move back use the S key or the down arrow. Use your touch pad to rotate the camera.
  • To interact with an object/pick an object up/place an object down, click the touch pad/mouse and hold it down to move with object.
  • You are invisible, however what you do/pick up/disturb is not blind to the human eye.
  • Good luck.

When it comes to production of the game, basically im looking at close to $2000 to produce a decent game. This includes the software I will be using, such as Unity or Blender.org, as well as employees that I will be paying, obtaining licenses etc. I talk more in depth about the production means of the game in this blog post.

When it comes to marketing the game and getting it out there – I’d need to create some sort of demo or trailer that truly captures the basic goals and mechanics of the game. It is then that I can start interesting people in playing it when the full version comes out. These demos and trailers are some of the most important parts of the gaming experience. Having a small demo that makes you so excited about the actual release, building up hype and getting a small feel for the game. This is how success is made with marketing games. Social media will also be a huge aspect, especially considering I wouldnt have many other connections. I’d have to get support from family and friends, and just share, share, share. At this point i’d probably consider sponsering a page for my game on Facebook so that it would be shared onto other peoples timelines. I would have to consider this in the cost.


So this is where I am with my game dossier. Let me know if I’m missing anything. I hope you all enjoy this pitch, as much as I have enjoyed coming up with it.

4 thoughts on “Overview and final dossier of Haunted Dreams.

  1. What kind of ‘disturbances’ are going to occur within the home? Will they be fairly standard in terms of what would occur in a ‘normal’ house?
    Do you stand on a cats tail?
    Knock over and opened vegemite jar?
    Stub you toe on the coffee table?
    Trip over cabling on the floor?
    Slip on a banana peel? (Mario KART!)

    Or will there be out of the ordinary things that you wouldn’t usually find in the house that you could interact with? (could potentially happen more as you level up, the better you get, the weirder it gets) like..
    You find Rick’s (Rick and Morty) portal gun and allow entities from different dimensions to enter the house?
    Do you enter pac-man mode and run around the house to eat all the little white dots before and alarm goes off the wake up the old man? – possibly even mini-game achievements so that the game doesn’t become stagnant.


    1. There will be standard ghost things to do. Looking through cupboards, turning on the TV and lights. Looking through draws and wardrobes, opening and closing doors. Messing with the pets, etc etc. All of these make noise happen, which will up the scare bar once your houseowner wakes up.
      I was thinking of including puzzle-like mini games in order to unlock clues or open doors (like figuring out a safe lock or something) as part of finding the clues.


  2. Loving the concept of your game. Some horror games I’ve seen is always you are the one trying to make sure the ghost around you don’t come near. This time you have made the player as the ghost which gives the game a unique perspective. The only comment I have is don’t be afraid to go into VR. Sure it seems like a lot of work and cost but that can be the 3 stage after your game has actually launch. You might not need to turn it into a VR game but down the road I think it will make a great VR game.

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  3. Will the clues you search for be objects you need to interact with that could potentially raise the human’s scare bar? That would add a fair bit of tension for the player if they need to, say, open the stairs to the attic without scaring the human too much and ending the night. You’ve got a really interesting dynamic developing between the invisible player, the human they’re trying to (or not to) scare, and the objects youneed to acquire. Because you’re searching through this person’s house for clues about yourself, wouldn’t it be true that you’d also find out about the person you’re sharing a home with? I think it would add a lot to the atmosphere of the game to slowly learn who you’re “haunting.” Things like their greatest fears would be useful for gameplay, but other, more subtle things like a sad experience they’re recovering from or an illness could have the player look at the occupant in a new light every night.

    I remember when you pitched this game a few weeks ago, and I’m really impressed with how much you’ve developed it – particularly in the production cost and marketing areas. The game itself sounds like it would be really enjoyable to play, and you sound like you’re winding up to some cool revelations about the player character if you reach the “true” ending that you don’t necessarily want to spoil in your blogs.


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