Summing Up

I will admit I’ve had some struggles I terms of how offensive I wanted to be for my game, and finding ideas for it lead to many viewings of a group of English guys play cards against humanity online with each other, which only leads me to being a horrible person, in having a level where you’re at an orphanage and you can go inside and be nice to the children or you can burn it down… yep, my game’s going to be so dark. I got the ideas for being so inappropriate by mainly watching south park episodes and the Stick of Truth play throughs, along with some more cards against humanity and Saints row play throughs.

At the moment I’m having a fun but horrible time tossing up ideas to throw into the story, which I’ll probably leave in the dossier, to answer a comment from my last post, I wanted to go with shock value for this game, and mainly just for the hell of it. But mainly it was for the reason that everyone plays games differently, so I wanted to make a game like until dawn where you’re always making decisions that affect the story. I would’ve loved to have had a cracked at making this game but time constraints kind of stopped me dead in my tracks, but you never know, I might get bored one day in the future and decide to make it.

My original plan for this kind of game was to have a really long drawn out story that always changing players from dark to good, kind of like in the Knights of the Old Republic games, but again, instead of force powers and tendencies, it was replaced with horrible acts like abusing security guards who eventually come back to laugh at you when you get caught in a building explosion instead of helping you, all because you were a dick to him earlier, but I will admit I still haven’t found a way to be a dick to the security guard and end up surviving the game. I’ve just had too many possibilities running through my head, so if I did make this game it would take forever to be released.

To sum that up I really had no idea on how to make such a long winded game, but I decided to cut it down a fair bit to have like 10 main levels, that are varied on the decisions you make.

3 thoughts on “Summing Up

  1. As a big fan of the crude, although largely dark, humour found in games such as Cards Against Humanity or the Stick of Truth, I can totally see where you’re coming from. As odd as it sounds, the idea that abusing someone is part of the games mechanic is totally… Awesome. God I’m dark.

    With how to incorporate said mechanics effectively, perhaps talk have a chat to Riley Jones in the class; he’s creating a game called Dick Move and is having similar issues on how to progress his own game which incorporates similar “abusive” mechanics to yours.


  2. There’s nothing wrong with every now and then being the person that goes “too far.” I love this game idea, I think that you could create something that with a little alcohol in the system or a room full of good friends (that have a strong enough relationship that this game wouldnt destroy their friendship) I love the sound of this game, and I think you should definitely look at articles about how people actually feel about Cards Against Humanity ( no offence to the person that wrote this article im about to link you but they need to learn a sense of humor) – check this out


  3. I love that you’re approach to this game is almost forcing you to ‘be a dick’. In my own experience with games I’ve found that I always play the good guy, in games like inFAMOUS where you choose whether or not to make a good or bad moral decision, I can’t help but always be good. I feel that the force to make somebody a jerk will only bring out the true jerk within. I’ve found in games such as GTA V where you play as criminals, it’s much easier to play that ‘jerk’ because of the bad reputation already put onto the characters. In your game you could consider the reputation the player or characters already have as they start the game, is the player trying hard to remain a jerk or is the character attempting to become a jerk?


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