Week 8

The theme of my game is to overcome challenges and obstacles, in either the cleanest and nicest ways, or overcome them in the most obscene way possible (I know which one id choose). Since most video games can run along the theme of overcoming difficult challenges, I’m taking a different approach to it, because why the hell not?

Part of my reasoning for wanting to do this kind of game is simply because you don’t see very many offensive video games, so I’m making a more satirical approach to it, but there is also the option to play a clean and censored game depending on the choices you make, but no one wants to do that. And since at the moment it’s a text based game, it won’t be over the top violent like most games today are making the norm, as they are getting more violent as the day goes on. However, my game does have violence in it, but its more outlandish over the top “who does that” violence instead of a bullet and gore fest that games are today.

My main purpose for using a text based game is because games like zork aren’t really remembered to a high extent these days (as in it can easily slip to the back of your mind) and not a lot of young people play text based games anymore (even if I am having ideas of changing the game eventually). Although making a game this offensive will have its draw backs, as how offensive is too offensive, and who will be influenced by such a game. I could always use the comic relief defence, as “comic mischief is often used by the industry to describe violent actions performed by cartoon-like characters” (Anderson 2006), although it may not be too fruitful, as there’s no point in having a text based game if the characters are going to be animated anyway, but hey, everyone’s imagination is different.

As this can be seen as a role playing game, I really wanted to try a game where your decisions alone will solely shape the game, but I want the imagination to run wild, and since everyone plays games differently, using this kind of game was an easy choice, but since I’m not actually making the game anymore, I’m starting to regret having a text based game and going with something more realistic that could’ve brought more attention to the game.


Craig A. Anderson, Douglas A. Gentile, Katherine E. Buckley, 2006, Book, Violent Video Games and their affects on Children and Adolescents, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Douglas_Gentile/publication/222094716_Violent_Video_Game_Effect_on_Children_and_Adolescents._Theory_Research_and_Public_Policy/links/0fcfd50ed8fcc2ab96000000.pdf



  1. I think text games are very underrated. Have you played Stick of Truth, the South Park game? If you want a frame of reference for what you can “get away with,” that’s where to look first. I think it’s important to try and justify *why* you want your game to be so offensive – is it for humour’s sake, or for shock value? Do you want your audience to laugh or cringe? Or do you want to use this game’s offensiveness to fight a social system in place, like capitalism? It’s also extraordinarily important to decide *what kind of offensive* your game will be, in line with these justifications. Do you mean to use graphic descriptions of sex and gore, or will you lean more towards racism-and-sexism style offensive? You should also look into meme culture, particularly the kind present on 4chan and other similar sites, as a form of rebellion against capitalism. That could add a bit of depth to your work.


  2. The way you explained your game in the first paragraph reminded me of the game ‘Dirty Minds’ (http://www.amazon.com/Dirty-Expanded-Anniversary-Worlds-Cleanest/dp/B0043GZD3G). I played this with some friends when I went camping over Easter, and the aim of the game is to guess the [clean] answer, while all the clues allude to an answer which is the opposite. I must admit, I was quite drunk when I played and didn’t care to respond with the clean answers, but it was an interesting take on the clean/obscene binary.

    It’s a shame you mention not making it, because a game where your decisions shape the outcome of the play makes for really interesting play that can change round-to-round


  3. No one will ever choose the more conservative approach, unless they’re boring AF…. i just trolled someone! I’m learning so much about gaming haha!
    I think it’s a wise decision for you allowing the players of the game to take the game into their own hands and use their own imagination to make the game whatever they want it to be, too often these days games get repetitive and boring because of the same old rules. I think it would be cool potentially if you had multiple sets of rules for different types of games you can play!


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