Simulation Test and Foam maps

For this week I exported a flip book which shows the simulation data without the graphics such as boat and ocean textures. Sadly I’ve had to change boats as the original one I wanted to use was too detailed and would have taken more time than allocated to make it suitable for this project. However I will be attempting to do this after I’ve completed the subject.

The simulation video can be seen below.

Stormy Sea Flipbook from Benjamin Read on Vimeo.

From this ten second video you ca see dark blue, aqua and white coloured circles, each of those circles represents a particle that either has been or will be affected by the ship at some point (Blue), particles that are about to interact with the ship or will be directly affected are in aqua and last but not least the white ones are the particles that have just died.

I’m currently in the process of making the foam maps which from the pictures such as the one below where the foam is everywhere these maps will allow me to place the foam in specific places. At the moment “the main drawback of methods based on the wave equation or the pipe model is that vortices which are responsible for many interesting water phenomena such as swirling foam and whirlpools are not present in the model (Chentanez & Müller 2010, p. 2).”


Nick Nimble 2014, Houdini Ocean Effects, FXPHD, accessed 23rd May 2016, <;

Chentanez, N & Müller, M 2010, Real-time Simulation of Large Bodies of Water with Small Scale Details, Siggraph  Symposium on Computer Animation 2010, accessed 23rd May 2016, <;

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