King of Tokyo – Review

Briana Williams

Released in 2011 by IELLO, King of Tokyo is a fast-paced board game that can be played by between six and eight people. Inspired by Japanese kaijju, you play as a monster trying to conquer Tokyo either by gaining the most power or defeating the other monsters.


Upon purchase, the game box includes a set of rules, 1 playing board, 66 cards, 28 tokens, 8 dice, six individual playing boards, six cardboard monsters on stands and an array of small green cubes. The overall design of the pieces is bright and colourful, in a cartoon-like style. Particularly appealing are the six monsters as they all have a unique colour scheme and sense of personality. The eight dice – six black and two green, are six sided and have the numbers one, two and three as well as three symbols, each indicating energy, attack and health.

Despite the reasonably…

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