Hi, and welcome to my digital game culture blog. Today I’m going to look into a board game called ‘Splendor’. It was design by Marc Andre and the game get the fist published in 2014 by Space Cowboy. The current artist for the game is Pascal Quidault. After a successful launched in 2014 as a national stage, going into the international stage Marc Andre have a deal with other publishers as well such as; Broadway Toys LTD, Hobby Japan, Siam Board Games, Korea Boardgames, and more. The retail price in the United State is around 30$ USD or around 39$ AUD as of 20/03/2017 [TD] comparing to the retail price in Australia which is around 60$ AUD or 47$ USD [TD]. In my opinion, the reason that Splendor in the USA are cheaper than Australia because over in the US there are more competition in the board games market…

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