Takenoko-A Game review by the Pink Protagonist

Takemoko Game review

The Pink Protagonist

Takenoko, a stunningly illustrated action allocation, tile placement, strategy game. Where players must ‘cultivate’ plots of land to grow bamboo for a very hungry little panda. This beautiful set was the brain child of French game designer Antoine Bauza, released in 2011 and illustrated by Nicolas Fructus, Joel Van Aerde and Yuio, and branded by Asmodee Games. The game has also won the Ludoteca Ideale (Italy) in 2013, the Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nomination in 2012, and the Geek Minor League 2nd Place 2015.

The game retails on Amazon for $54.99, but can cost anywhere between $44.66 on Ubuy Australia to $97.80US+TAX on eBay. You can also buy the expansion Takenoko:Chibis, the mother and 9 children of the original panda gifted to the town, and a collector’s edition for $76.95 on ebay.com. You can even buy a statue of the little panda for $85.99 at TopToy.com.au…

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