Game Review | Codenames: Pictures

Sitting, waiting, wishing

A spin-off from the 2015 success Codenames, Codenames: Pictures takes the essence which made the original successful and gives it a new skin.


The original Codenames is a word associated card game where two teams have to guess clues given to them and be the first team to uncover all of their secret agents. It is a fairly simple premise with fairly simple rules. The game is set up with the word cards being placed in a 5 x 5 grid. At one end of the grid, two spymasters will sit away from the remaining players.

Along with the spymasters will be the key. Each game uses one key which reveals where the secret agents are placed amongst the word cards. This also indicated where the innocent bystanders and assassin is located.

One member from each team will be the spymasters. Their job is to give a single word clues which the remaining members of…

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