Camel Up – Review

lucy ronald

It was week 3 in the DIGC classroom and my friends Tommy, Sam, Will, Tim and I sat down and did the usual questioning of what board game should we play that ensures Tim doesn’t win again? Probably no possible game exist, however, we ended up choosing a game called Camel Up. We chose this game purely because I had wanted to play it since the first week of this class just because of it’s box design. To me it looked, fun, easy and child-friendly (the type of board game made for me).

Before we getting into the specifics of it, here are some fun facts about this wonderful game:

  • Prizes won: Spiel des Jahres prize 2014
  • Box dimensions: 11.7 x 3 x 11.7 inches
  • Game mechanics: betting, rolling & moving
  • Players: 2-8

Designed by Steffen Bogen and illustrated by Dennis Lohausen, Camel Up was released in 2014, and costs…

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