Five Tribes: The Djinns of Naqala Board Game Review


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t like this game when we started to play it but after I got the hang of things, it was actually really great. Five Tribes is very similar to the board game Splendor but I found it to be a bit more interesting.

Released in 2014 by Days of Wonder, designer Bruno Cathala created a game for the serious strategy gamer. Five Tribes is said to be Days of Wonder’s first gamer’s game, even though it’s a very easy one to play.

The game is aimed at players aged thirteen and up. The box recommends that the game will take between 40-80 minutes to complete. Our game with three first time players took around 60 minutes to complete.

Five Tribe retails for around $110 AUD.

Game Overview:

Five Tribes takes place in the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. Players move meeples that represent the five…

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