Mysterium- a review seen in the leaves

pic2707144_lg.jpgBrief description

The game mysterium is a mix of clue and table top party game play that provides some interesting antics and game play. The setup is as follows, you are a party of mediums that have been tasked with communicating with the ghost of the house to find the killer. The premise is simple and easy to get while allowing some fun exploration of the standard murder mystery fest.

Let’s break it down


1 ghost and a Group of motley mediums (3-7)


Tiered progression along three spaces – one person, one place, one object

Orbs/crystal balls as player markers

Betting chips/voting counters with a paper pouch that holds that’s objects for phases

Table stands for the ghost with well-made pocket and space for the ghost to run every thing


Set up

Ghost is given a set of cards by the mediums that will determine the scenario and who is the murder, then they start by dealing cards that relate to the player’s clues.

Bit difficult at the start due to the whole set up and reading of the rules but easy to get the hang of once you get going


Personal impressions

If we are talking just straight first impressions, then mysterium certainly lived up to its name. firstly, the game seems rather daunting to understand at first with a lot of mechanics that if not explained well can and will take a bit to get. Yet this would be my only problems with fist Impressions as the rest of it looks fantastic. The game art is one thing that should be mentioned as it is so well done and works so well to set the tone/play for the game.  According to board game geek these were done by Artist Igor Burlakov, Xavier Collette. The game progressed well and had a good flow (once we got over the art of the cards). One point of interest was the use of a gambling system to advance for the last part of the game. Not sure if this was meant to be competitive or be cooperative, with it in the beginning being competitive but realising at the end it might have been nest to just work together. The interactivity of the game worked well, even with the ghost playing a silent role. Once we worked out that it was in our best interest to get everyone dream right made the group try and solve it as a unit. I will give it to the designers Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko that they hit the mark with the whole feel of the game and its use of gameplay. One last thing to talk about is the great development the game has gone through as a product. The new version has well thought out use of card sizes, both in how it’s used ie visually easy to see for all players and how they works as cars with the set.



Another cool production thing is the use of the betting chips as the voting chips in the last phase adding extra functionality.

Mysterium is a rather interesting and fun game with challenging aspects in both game mechanics and player based shenanigans that I would suggest to any avid board game player. Just hope you don’t hear the raven crow.



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Board game geek, 2015, mysterium- images, Board game geek, weblog post, viewed 20th March 2017

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