Splendour – Board Game Review

Thinking out loud

Over the last three weeks during DIGC301 tutorials we have all been learning the mechanics of various board games. I chose ‘Splendor’ a engine building board game designed to challenge the mind and make you think fast.

Splendor is a multiplayer board game created by Marc André and first published 2014 by Space Cowboy (Geekdo, 2015). Splendor is a resource management game in which two to four players compete against each other to collect the most points. The game contains the following:

– 40 gems – seven each of emerald, sapphire, ruby, diamond, onyx, and five gold (joker).

– 90 development cards

– 10 Noble tiles

On your turn, you have three options:

  1. Collect chips or gems.
  2. Buy and build a card.
  3. Reserve one card.

If you decide to take the chips, you either take three different kinds of chips or two of the same chips. If you buy a card, you pay…

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