Flash Point Fire Rescue analysis


Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a cooperative board game in which you and other fire fighters work together to save civilians and put out the fire before all civilians die or the building collapses. Before getting into the mechanics, a little background check for the game.

Flash Point started out as a Kickstarter project with a pledge goal of $5000. The final amount ended up being $51,398 from 891 backers. So it’s safe to say the Kickstarter was a huge success. The Kickstarter campaign boasted a few points on what made Flash Point worth pledging money for and they are:

Easy to learn: The creator of the game, Kevin Lanzing points out how the rules of the game are so simple that his five year old son can play the game just fine.

True to life: In this point Kevin mentions how limitless the possibilities are with the game as…

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