Singularity – Board Game Pitch

Sam Cavanagh

Singularity is an intergalactic resource and domination project, in which the player takes upon themselves to save a climate ravaged civilisation through rapid intergalactic capitalism. Each player takes the role as commander-in-chief of a civilisation, and through calculated investments must achieve a Technological Singularity (Type 4)to win.

Singularity is based upon the framework of the Kardashev Scale. The scale measures the technological capability of a civilisation through its ability to harness energy:

Type I: Planetary Civilisation; store and utilise all energy that reaches the planet.
Type II: Civilisation can harness the energy of its neighboring star.
Type III: Civilisation can harness energy of host galaxy
Type 4: Civilisation can harness energy of whole universe.

Players start as a Type Icivilisation, and exploitation of planetary resources has produced extinction level climate change. Thus in order to ensure the survival of your civilisation players must become an intergalactic civilisation and…

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