Turnip Pageant!

Box Introduction:
Due to payroll concerns, Corrupt Angency™ is downsizing. To determine who survives stays for the next crop season, a best in show competition will be held! All competitors are expected to produce the best possible crop to be presented to the Overlord at the end of the growing season on pain of death.
Acceptable crops for the competition may include but are not limited to: Turnips, pumpkins, cabbages, turnips, carrots, onions, and turnips. Illegal crops (Werewolves, Dragons, Minotaur, Ogres, Unicorns, etc) are banned and will be confiscated by secret police. Attempts to assassinate the Overlord are also banned and will result in ██████
Welcome hard working slaves farmers to the grand opening of the first ever Turnip Pageant!

The game is won by one of two methods:

The first method is the “illegal” method; fight the Corrupt Angency™ by raising a monster instead of growing a vegetable. The player must raise their monster to have equal to or greater than stats than the Overlord to win. This must be done in secret because it is ‘illegal’ and opponents may exploit that to force the player to restart. Therefore, the player must lie convincingly to the other players that they are not breaking the law and prepare defenses such as monster disguises and farm defenses.

The “legal” route is to grow a vegetable. The player must heavily invest in protecting their vegetable and sabotaging other players to best secure their own win.  The game is won ‘legally’ by comparing all vegetable final products. The best in show is then the winner of the first stage—the next stage is to win against the best monster by feeding your vegetable to the Overlord and therefore bolstering his stats against the player with best monster.



Turnip Pageant begins much in the same way small world begins with selection of crop/monster. Each monster has its own perks (for instance ogres come with a free onion disguise).

The choice, regardless of whether this is done by choice or random chance, is done secretly. Much like Mafia and other such social deduction games the players must practice secrecy and lying to gain advantage over other players. This will also be why players each have their own privacy screen such as the ones used by DMs in Dungeons and Dragons.

During the game’s day cycle, players will draw cards to buff the stats of their monster or crop, set up defenses for their farm, collect action cards, and generally prepare for the night cycle.

Each player has a certain number of each card type that they can draw. All monsters and crops grow at the same rate as well as what growth (ex: fertilizer, food, etc) cards the player draws. Players also have the choice of five cards to draw between defense or sabotage decks. The player must choose how much of either they want to lean toward. For example, 3 defense cards and 2 sabotage cards. Another player might feel secure in their farm defense and can draw 5 sabotage cards.

The attacking player must infiltrate any defenses the other farmer has put up using their sabotaging skills. Through infiltration the attacking player can learn what kind of monster the defending player has and attempt to damage the product of the defender’s hard work. Victory goes to the most ruthless! Farmers with monsters can send their monster out to attack other players monsters or vegetables.

The goal of the infiltration stage that I want to see is nearly a card duel happening between two players. The defending player puts down their ‘sharks-with-lazers infested moat’ card followed by the attacking player smugly putting down a ‘bridge’ card that negates the defense. The defense player will lay out each layer of their defenses one by one and the attacker must successfully combat each one. If all layers have been successfully penetrated the player has to additionally combat any defenses on the defending player’s crop/monster. For instance, the attacking player must see past any disguises and also perhaps come prepared with armor in case there is a monster lurking in there.

(comic via oglaf.com)


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