Will You survive the night?

Nyssa’s Game Pitch: Will You Survive the night?

The Pink Protagonist


Will you Survive the Night? Will be a ‘choose your own adventure’ game mimicking the books I used to read as a child. These are novels that are written in first/second-person so that you become the main character. Each chapter, in these novels, delivering you multiple options that can either lead you to your demise or survival. In fact, these types of books were the very first games that were interactive.  The formatting of this game, at least initially, will be in the form of a micro-RPG game, as I wish to keep costs of production down, but I also want this to be a simplistic game that allows people do dive into their characters with a bit more fluidity not always afforded to players when you’re using other board games with a similar style.


Micro-RPG games are adventure/storytelling/Roll playing games in their most simplistic form. The…

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