Black Eyed Beings: Game Pitch


My board game is called ‘Black Eyed Beings’, named after the game’s supernatural theme and the game’s villain: possessed human beings. The aim of the game is to kill as many of the villains as it takes to make up 25 points. The first one to do so wins. The idea behind the game came mostly from the class activity of redesigning our favourite video game. The theme and some of the core mechanics being weapons and enemies stemmed from my favourable childhood game Doom. The game components will be mostly cards and tiles, this was inspired by the board game Lanterns This game has a really beautiful aesthetic to it that I hope to bring into my own.

The idea and aim of the game is quite simple, however, the game design itself is more complicated. I was really interested in working on a board game that was without dice and without an actual board breaking down that conventional board game stereotype. Game tiles will make up the board instead allowing the game itself to be adjustable and randomised. A game between 2-4 would most likely have a board consisting of 25 tiles. At the beginning of the game the tiles are placed face down and are individually turned over when a player lands on one. A tile can either be a weapon, an enemy, a blank or a chance card. The tiles also have doorways directing a player throughout the game. A weapon card allows players to kill an enemy later in the game. Weapon cards differ as their uses are limited. When a player is without a weapon they do not have the ability to kill an enemy and lose points. An enemy card holds victory points, when a player successfully kills an enemy they may keep the card in their personal stash making it easier to keep track of their points.  When a weapon or enemy card has been drawn the player keeps the card and replaces it with another game tile randomly selected from the pile. When a player lands on an enemy card without a weapon the tile is not replaced and stays upright allowing the possibility for another player to gain more points.

Another factor of the game is a player’s death. At the beginning the players may start with a certain number of victory points. When encountering an enemy without a weapon, points may be lost, when a player reaches zero the player will die and essentially lose the game. In the class discussion there was talk about the opportunity of the dead (the players who have lost) coming back into the game and possessing the players who are left. This is a really interesting idea that I hope to work on further. It would allow the players of the game a second chance to play and avoid anyone sitting out.

At the moment these are the core mechanics and rules of the game. Further play testing and prototyping will help improve these.

Game Components:

  • Game tiles- All game tiles will have doorways directing players throughout the game. Game tiles can either be one of four:
    • Weapon card (each card will have a different number representing how many kills it can take)
    • Enemy card (these cards will hold victory points which will differ on each card)
    • Blank/ safe card
    • Chance card (a symbol for a chance card will appear directing a player to pick up a chance card)
  • Chance cards- these cards will add an extra element to the game. An example of a chance card could be the stealing of another player’s weapon.
  • Player pieces- figurines representing each person as they move throughout the game

As one can see there aren’t too many components in the game. For my prototype all that is really needed is a pack of blank cards to draw on which means play testing can be start soon and the game can be further developed.

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