Game Pitch – Pokemon/Monopoly Rip-off

Sitting, waiting, wishing

The inspiration for my game came from Pokemon Monopoly. The trouble I have with themed Monopoly game is that it is still Monopoly just re-skinned in a specific theme. This of course is the same situation with Pokemon Monopoly. With this I wanted to design a form of Monopoly where the theme of Pokemon has a bigger effect than just changing the names of the properties.

The basic premise of the game that up to four competitors build a team of 6 creatures which they will pit up against each other. Competitors will have 6 bases each which they will designate their creatures to defend. It will be there that other competitors will challengeĀ the base defender in a 1 v 1 creature battle.

The board will be a hexagon shape. The competitors will progress around in a clock-wise direction similar to Monopoly. Competitors will move around the board using movementā€¦

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